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Superdrug Presents Glow Getters Reunite… Own your B.eauty…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is about an online event I recently went to… It was the Superdrug Presents Glow Getters Reunite – Own your B.eauty virtual event. Due to covid and not being able to go out or meet people there has been a rise in online virtual events taking place, a lot of makeup and beauty ones have popped up this year. Take for example the glamour beauty festival which is usually a huge event held up in London and sometimes Manchester too, but this year was changed to the big beauty Call, an online event! I have attended a few all of which have been different in their own way… but what about the superdrug one? What did I think of this one?

Well, first up the big best thing was the gift set you received through the post, now it wasn’t free, you did have to pay £10 for the ticket and the goody box but the set you received was actually really nice and well worth the ticket price.

In mine I received a B.eauty setting spray which was nice, the pump was a little violent and you need to make sure you give a good distance between your face and the spray but it works well, it also smells amazing like essential oils and feels very refreshing. Then I got a B.eauty Coral liquid blush which looks scary as hell when you first see it but it blends out beautifully and looks gorgeous. Then there was a Miss Guided beauty Freckle pen which I admit at first I didn’t see the point in and commented on my channel how I may use it as a brown eye liner, but my husband and other people commented on how nice they looked, so I have definitely changed my opinion on that product and would use again as a freckle pen. The last item was mini ring light, which is super bright, portable and all you need to do is charge it up and use on the go. So as you can see the goody box was well worth the £10 price tag!

But now onto the actual event!

So the online event had a makeup masterclass with the lovely makeup influencer Samantha Harvey, Samantha Harvey Instagram who actually did a great makeup look and was a lovely gal. But there was a huge flaw in the event. So the event was advertised and paid for through Event brite the most well known online event organiser. So obviously I assumed that the link for the event would be on the Event brite page for the event, I mean all other online events I’d attended had links on the event brite page to reach the event. But nope, this one they decided to send out an email from an account which my email assumed was spam… it didn’t say on the event brite page that the link had been sent out via a separate email. So for the first 20 minutes of the event I missed, because I couldn’t find the link! I contacted the company and lucky someone messaged back and I found the link but by then I’d missed So much. Lucky Samantha found out people like me missed part of the event and she showed us the products she used that we missed, which was nice because we were meant to follow along with her masterclass to enter a competition. So for that, the event did go back up in my good books. But the event was also meant to be an hour and a half long, but finished after 45 minutes… so I’d missed 20 minutes and only had a small chunk to actually watch because it ended earlier than advertised.

Overall I think the event was good, the makeup influencer was great, the products and goody box were awesome. But I think next time the event needs to be managed a little better and maybe the link put on the event brite page so dumbasses like me can find them easier lol 😆 would I take part again, possibly yes if the kinks are sorted out, but at least next time I will know the routine and it shouldn’t muck up too much.

I did also decide to enter their competition, it was to create a natural looking but glam look and this was my entry…

I did have so much fun creating it although I wasn’t overly happy with it because I had gotten stressed about the event not working as intended for me, but everyone else liked my look so fingers crossed for my entry hehe.

So if you ever plan on taking part in an online event with Superdrug Presents I would say go for it, but just keep an eye out for links in different emails from fairly normal looking email accounts and not a Superdrug account. Plus only ever use the proper Event Brite page as they are legit, but many others out there might not be. If your ever unsure though if you contact Superdrug on Twitter they answer fairly quickly, so always ask if your unsure.

If you enjoyed my blog post then you might enjoy my YouTube channel too, here is the link to my Superdrug Presents Review Video – Brushafly mua xoxo

Take care my little Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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