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Revolution Relove the new affordable brand by Revolution…

Hey my little Brushaflies, welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Sorry I haven’t been posting much on my blog as of late, its just been a crazy few months or weeks and finding time has been a struggle, but I’m hoping to try and keep on top of my blog and my channel.

So today’s blog topic is… Revolution Beauty or Makeup Revolution depending on when you stumbled upon them, but it is one of their sister brands that I’m excited to chat about and that is Relove! So Revolution Relove is a sort of anagram play on words with Revolution, Revol = Relove! Relove is a new brand which is meant to be even more affordable for consumers, Revolution products are normally quite affordable at drugstore prices especially these versions of the brand:

  • I Heart Revolution and
  • Makeup Obsession

Revolution are then a sort of midrange version of the brand and they do a lot of collaborations with influencers and brands such as the Friend’s television show. Then you have these ones which are the higher price point of Revolution but are still what I consider drugstore but more expensive drugstore:

  • Revolution Pro and
  • XX Revolution

There is also Revolution skin care, which I find can be a little dearer than their makeup but it is still a very good price point compared to other skincare brands that are drugstore.

So Relove is the new most affordable brand from Revolution, I think at the moment their most expensive products are a love heart shaped sponge which is £5 and their serum foundation which is also £5. The cheapest item is an eyeliner at £2.

I decided to buy myself a whole face worth of products to test out to see if they really were worth buying. I’m a huge fan of Revolution and their products, so I admit I did have high hopes for the new range. So what products did I buy and what did I think?

  • Power Fix Primer – This primer cost £4 which is a really good price for a primer. There are 4 different types of face primer in the range from hydrating, pore vanish, super matte and power fix, which I have and is meant to help fix your makeup in place all day. This one does actually work well, I have to wear a face mask at work for 5 hours straight and although some makeup does rub off its not horrendous and I can get away with a few touch ups. Plus the smell of this is amazing, it’s like watermelon 🍉 yum.
  • The serum foundation – I went with the shade F1 which is one of the palest Shades. I actually really like the formula of this foundation, it’s nice and dewy, definitely good for dryer skin types. It had a good lasting power although because it is very dewy it does need powder touch ups to tone down the dewyness but I think it compares well to my usual drugstore foundation which is the Maybelline radiant dream liquid. The only down side is the poppet dropper applicator which makes it quite messy to use. The shade range is not huge but for a start up brand it does have a good range of shades and costs £5.
  • Super matte pressed powder – In Vanilla… This reminds me of the Rimmel stay matte powder which has been a staple product fav of mine for years. It adds a small amount of extra coverage and does help mattify down that really dewy foundation. The powder costs £3.
  • Power lash mascara – This is actually bigger in person than what it looks on screen. The brush is quite big and a little columbusom, but the formula is quite nice for a cheap £3 mascara. Just don’t let any eyeliner get on your lashes beforehand otherwise it will clump up.
  • Dip eyeliner in white – To look at it reminds me of tip ex lol, but it is a beautifully pigmented eyeliner which lasts great, doesn’t crack or chip and is great for creative looks. This costs £2.50 and is so worth it.
  • HD super matte loose setting powder – Very messy packaging as the seive on mine was very loose and powder went everywhere, which was a little annoying, but the product itself was nice and worked well. The only downside might be because it is HD you might get flash back with flash photography. But at £3 you can’t grumble.
  • Blade brow in brown – I hate doing my brows, but this product was nice and easy to use. It has brow product at one end and a spoolie at the other. The tip is quite fine but round, which takes a little getting used to but it does create a cute brow. This was also £2.50.
  • Clear brow gel and clear mascara – At £3 this is great, I love a good brow gel to keep unruly hairs in check and this works a treat. The clear mascara I have yet to use, but I will probably use it as a back up brow gel.
  • Contour trio in sugar – This set includes a bronzer, blush and highlighter. This one was the palest one, which was great for my skintone. The shades are not overly pigmented but they are buildable which is great for beginners and not creating muddy cheeks lol. At £3 it is a true bargain.
  • Baby lipgloss in sweet – This is a small yet cute lipgloss which has a good pigment to it and creates a your lip but better look. Plus the smaller size means you will actually use it up before it goes bad. It’s a steal at £3.
  • Glam balm in fresh burst ‐ This was my least favourite product from the range, the balm was slightly gritty but it did smooth out, but I accidentally got some on my teeth and it was disgusting 😳 but other than that it’s not an horrendous product, but just not my favourite. Again priced at £3.
  • Then lastly I have the Fantasy eyeshadow palette priced at £3 which is by far my most favourite product from this range, this eyeshadow is now one of my daily favourites. This one I decided to get and put to the test because of the pastel shades, because I have found pastel shades are hard to get perfect, and I kinda of assumed this cheap pastel palette wouldn’t be great, but I was totally wrong, this palette is amazing. The pigments are perfect for the looks you can create with a metallic pastel palette, the metallic shades can be applied with a brush or finger, and gives such a gorgeous shimmer to the eye. The single matte shade is a perfect transition shade and complements the other shades well. It’s not a great swatching palette, but it doesn’t need to be when it works on the eye so well. I most definitely want to buy the whole Relove eyeshadow collection hehe.

I actually think the Revolution Relove collection is a great addition to the Revolution family and look forward to seeing what other products they will add in the future. I really enjoyed using these products and had a really good makeup day when I used them. I also got quite a few comments on how nice my makeup was! I had the girl at the McDonald’s drive through comment on it, a friend on the school run, a couples of customers and even my husband liked it. Which of course made me feel good and wanting to buy more!!! The only downside is there is no moisturiser, concealer, or setting sprays (although setting sprays are being released very soon) and Relove seems to be void of being included in multi buy sales that Revolution like to do but considering the cheap price point I can see why they don’t. Overall its a fabulous new affordable brand for makeup lovers on a budget, or for beginners that want to experiment with makeup but not spend hundreds on a full face of makeup.

I would highly recommend this brand and I will continue to use and wear mine and probably buy more hehe.

If you want to check out the Revolution Relove brand then here is the link – Revolution Relove

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, if you did you may enjoy my YouTube channel, here is a link to my Revolution Relove review where you can see me using the new makeup ‐ Revolution Relove video

So take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xxxx

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