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Collagen creams – Can they really reverse the signs of ageing?

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is about Collagen creams and whether they can really reverse the signs of ageing.

Let’s start with what is collagen?

Collagen is a protein which is found in the body and is like one of the main building blocks for our skin and keeping it looking supple. It helps to give the skin its structure and helps it to stretch when we move. We have many types of collagen in our bodies which help to be the building blocks for many things such as tendons, bones, cartilage, muscles, organs and of course skin. But the collagen in creams is obviously designed for our skin and not for other parts of the body. As we age our collagen levels deplete, which is one of the main causes of wrinkles and thinning of the skin.

Many people think that applying creams to their skin with added collagen in will help fix all their problems and de-wrinkle their skin but truth be told, collagen is not that easy for our skin to absorb! Collagen is actually a really big molecule, which for our skin, is not easy to digest (absorb). Using a cream with collagen in might do some sort of skin appeasing thing and make you think it looks lush, plump and de-wrinkled, but it will just mask the problem. Most topical creams will just sit on the skin, and they won’t reverse the damage done over the years from ageing, sun damage etc. So the answer is no, collagen creams will not reverse the signs of ageing.

What can we do instead?

Hyaluronic acid is a great acid for adding in moisturise to the skin and making it feel and look good. They can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The Revolution Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a great one for dehydrated skin that is aging and needs some TLC. And at £6 is a total steal – Revolution beauty hyaluronic acid serum

Peptide Serums have smaller molecules and are good at stimulating our skin cells into making more collagen. Peptides are amino acids that again are like building blocks. Great for creating younger looking skin. Origins plantscription multi-powered youth serum is a good one but at £42 is a little on the dear side. Revolution beauty also do a Peptide serum at £10 which is a lot more on the affordable side – Revolution beauty peptide serum

One thing to remember is our skin is going to age no matter what, and you cannot turn back time. So make sure you look after your skin ASAP!!! Protect it from the sun and wear sunscreens, remove your makeup daily, cleanse and tone to remove left over makeup debris and pollution. Give your skin treats such as face masks, facial massages and even face yoga!!!

Take care of your skin, because although creams and serums can help, they are not magic potions and cannot fix everything! So be kind to yourself and your skin.

Thanks for reading my Brushaflies, stay safe and speak soon xoxo

Today’s blog image is a WordPress free stock library photo, so shout out to the original photographer xoxo

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