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How to Rediscover lipstick when we can go mask free again…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is about how to Rediscover lipstick when we can go mask free again.

Are you awaiting the day when you can walk down the shop with a nice lip look and feel totally glam again. I know I am! When I did my lipstick count the other week (146 in total) I realised how much I miss wearing lipstick out and about and not worrying about my mask moving them off my lips and smudging them all over my face.

When we are allowed to not wear masks out and about I will have to dive into my lipstick collection and Rediscover the ones I love and even the ones I didn’t love but might love now. If you are in a slump and are thinking you might not want to wear lipstick again because its been too long, or you do want to but not sure which way to go, then I have some tips on how to Rediscover lipstick when we can go mask free again:

  • Matte – A matte lip look is stylish and bright colours look great in a matte formula. This is a great way to test out a more vibrant shade that’s not gloss because it looks a bit more dulled down, but still bright. Use a lip liner to draw around your lip line to get a perfect outline, then fill in with the perfect chosen matte shade. A matte liquid lipstick is my go to for a matte look.
  • Glossy – Go bold or go home… Turn your matte look into a gloss and show off some shine. Great for making your lips look bigger and draws the eye in so people will notice your lip look. Either apply a clear gloss to your chosen matte lipstick, or apply a pigmented lip gloss.
  • Glitter – great for festivals or parties (which will be so fun when we can do them again). Start with a glossy lip, using a dense packer brush dab on some glitter, if any falls out use sellotape to gently grab it off the skin. Use the sellotape on your hand or arm first so it isn’t too harsh on your face. Preferably use a lip safe glitter!!!
  • Ombre – Make your lip look trendy by going for an ombre lip. This is where you have one colour on the outer lip (usually darker) and another colour on the inner lip (usually lighter). To create, line and fill the outer lips with the darker shade, then dot the lighter shade in the middle (centre) of the lip. Blend with a brush. You can make this so fun with tonnes of different colours and shades.
  • Shimmer – Not quite metallic but a beautiful shimmer from a loose shimmery powder. Apply your chosen lip shade, press on the loose shimmer powder with a dense brush or finger, then pat it all down to make it more intense.
  • Drip lip – More suited for an Instagram look than everyday but still fun to do. Mix up a metallic pigment with a mixing medium. Using a lip brush coat your lips with a layer. Then using a dropper, suck up some of the wet pigment and drop over your lower lip. Be sure to grab your camera quick to get the full fun of the drip.
  • Neon – Using a fun Neon lip colour will brighten anyone’s day. Pair with a toned down, minimal eye look and flawless skin to really make the lips pop.
  • Goth – A dark goth lip can be super cute and vampy. Line your lips with a black eye liner, then fill in with a cute purple, blue or darkest vampy red.
  • Metallic – A metallic lip can be gorgeous when worn right. Choosing the right formula is key. You want a nice hydrated lip, so the metallic lip doesn’t crack and flake. Preparing your lips first is key, use a nice sugar scrub to be rid of dead skin cells, then use a balm to add some moisture. Then apply the metallic layer.

Which one will you choose? What type of lip will you wear when you can go mask free? I cannot wait to play and experiment with my lipsticks again.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, if you did why not follow my blog and keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty. Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

* The YSL lipstick picture is one of the free stock photo images. But it is beautiful so shout out to the person who originally took it xoxo

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