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Ways to purchase makeup more ethically…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is about ‘Ways to purchase makeup more ethically’. I know that as a makeup and beauty blogger that sometimes falls into buying clothes and loving fashion too (Although I’m no Fashionista) that I can end up with a lot (and I mean a lot) of makeup. I mean let’s be serious right, to be a blogger and vlogger, buying, getting gifted and testing out new products comes part and parcel. Blogging and vlogging is a huge industry built on reviewing, giving information, testing out and inspiring others to buy, use and show off that product too.

I buy or get gifted a lot of new items for my blog and YouTube content. (Usually in the sales because I have a small makeup budget a month but it still amounts to a lot of products over time) hauls are a type of video that I get the most views on, so there is a definite need for new items to show case. But is this becoming sort of like a fast makeup kind of pile up, just like there is a fast fashion problem?

Fast fashion is where clothing companies pump out clothing for the masses at a fast rate and at a cheap price. Some people see these items as wear them once and throw it out… But is makeup turning the same way?

In some ways it does seem like us bloggers and vloggers buy makeup use it once for a video or blog post and then it never sees the light of day again. I mean I have seen those makeup YouTubers that have soooo much makeup products they dedicate whole videos to Decluttering their collection. I’m no where near that league but I can see how it gets that way. At the moment I feel I am quite good with my makeup, I try most days to switch up what I’m using so I’m getting a good use out of most of my items. I also (like many others) do something called project pan, this is where you try to hit pan on certain products in your collection. This is a good way to use up excess products, products your not a fan of and want out of your collection or to get to know the products you have.

If I wasn’t a makeup blogger / vlogger I probably wouldn’t have the amount of makeup I do. I mean I have always loved and collected makeup to some degree, but since my blogging path and YouTube channel began I have amassed more. I do think that makeup and beauty influencers, vloggers and bloggers, are part of the fast makeup problem… I mean do we all need the latest release of X, Y and Z brand? No not really! But we need it for our socials and channels and then our audiences need it because they see we like it and enjoy using it. Thus it is a never ending cycle.

But have no fear, I have some tips on ways to purchase your makeup more ethically…

  1. Don’t push the buy button for a certain makeup product until you have decided you truly and madly need it. Keep it in your basket if you must until you decide but don’t rush into it.
  2. Do you have any similar makeup products in your collection already? Therefore do you really need another one if you do?
  3. Is it of good quality and will you actually use it. Is it something you can use a lot because the quality is awesome? Or is it something of bad quality and will be a struggle to use often.
  4. How long will it last? Is it an eyeshadow palette that can last years (yes it will have a use by, but with powders they don’t go as bad as wet products, plus you can clean them with rubbing alcohol) or is it a liquid that will be bad in 6 months. Will you use it before the use by?
  5. Is the retailer ethical in their practices, are they cruelty free?
  6. Look at all the above, think about your answers and think about whether you really need it or not. You may want it, but that doesn’t mean you need it.
  7. Lastly sleep on it. If I’m struggling on whether I want or need a product I sleep on it and see how I feel when I wake up. If it is still playing on my mind then I will probably get it, but if I wake up not too fussed then it’s a no.
  8. And remember, if it is a hyped up product or brand doesn’t mean you need it, especially if it is going to break the bank to do it.

Our landfills are filling up with plastics and products that are of single use and that have been bought and not used. We can all do our part in helping our planet by not buying excessively, not wasting and making sure we recycle where possible. I’m not saying don’t buy yourself new makeup, you totally can (I still will) but maybe not every new release and I personally will make sure it is products I will use. Plus, if we STOP buying too much and excessively and by hype, companies may calm down on the releases and make better quality items. I do feel that with some brands they produce so much makeup that they just churn it out and don’t think about the quality of the formula.

Be on trend, but more purchase savvy.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, if you did why not follow my blog and keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty. Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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