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Do I need a…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is a quick chit chat on what do I need?!?

So below I have listed a load of things I need (want). Some I desire more than others, especially with lockdown still rolling on and not being able to do those normal things anymore (at the moment) but as soon as I’m allowed I’m so going to do the whole list. But which ones would come first and why? And what order would I put them all in? (ps this is just a bit of fun, I do appreciate that people have been so poorly and passed away from covid, and whilst I say I need these, it is just a bit of fun and just what I cannot wait to do when it is safe to do so. I have worked all throughout the pandemic at a supermarket and have had days of pure hell with customers not keeping their distance and refusing to wear masks. I just wanted to blog something to look forward to and to keep my mind happy).

So really and truly I need or want (J) – All of the above, so if I could get away with that one, that would be the one I would choose (yes that’s greedy but hey ho) but which ones come next? Or first? Because option J cannot be first lol!

  1. Firstly I would love to have a day out with my famalam. I used to love taking my kids out for days out at a zoo, soft play, garden centres, the beach, the park, to our local town centre for shopping days. So that is one thing I need, is to have a good day out with my girls and the husband. A bit of retail therapy for us all.
  2. To see my bestie. I’m actually lucky in the fact that I get to see my bestie most weekends at work, but I do miss our cup of tea afternoons and our wine afternoons (usually alcohol free) but I miss meeting up, going to the shops and comparing husbands and cleaning tips lol.
  3. A hug. I really miss giving my nan, mum and sister a big weekly hug and I also miss just going round my nans for a cuppa and the whole family turning up.
  4. New makeup! Now I collect makeup (as if you didn’t know lol) and although I have been ordering tonnes online I actually miss going to the shops and looking at makeup. My usual suspect stores were: Superdrug, Boots, Primark and TKMaxx. I miss the excitement of knowing your going to these shops to window shop or spend money hehe.
  5. New clothes. Like makeup I have missed traipsing round the clothes shops and charity shops for those clothing bargains lol. I have literally just made a purchase from an online clothing brand and I soooo hope the clothing fits. That is one reason why I cannot wait for the shops to open as I am that type of gal who needs to try clothes on. I find that in some stores I’m a 14 in clothes, in others a 16 and in others an 18. It literally depends on the store and their sizing.
  6. A new Book. Once again like with makeup and clothing I miss going to the book shop (Waterstones and WHS) to find a new makeup, Beauty or fashion book to get my teeth into. Online is not quite the same as I cannot look at what I’m potentially buying… But there are usually good offers on books online so it is a little bit of a catch 22.
  7. A holiday. I miss centre parcs. We have had some of our best family holidays there in the past and I just want to go back. Although, when it does reopen, I won’t be able to afford it for a long while yet (need to get saving) but when I can holiday again, centre parcs is the place to go!!!
  8. A bottle of wine is actually something I have in my fridge right now and I really want to drink it but my Endometriosis keeps flaring up and I can’t drink alcohol when I have to take my pain killers 😢 but when I can, I might get myself another one just to make up for lost time hehe. Or… There is always the alcohol free one!!! The one me and my bestie drink is actually blooming lovely.
  9. A night out is the one at the bottom of the list for me. I’ve never really been a party animal and a night on the town makes me feel anxious, but a nice night in with family and friends with a bottle of vino or a cuppa is much more up my street.

So there you have my list of needs or wants hehe. And yes I’m totally counting down the days until we can do all these things again. But although 2020 and 2021 so far have been difficult and stressful for the most part, I’m thankful for mine and my family’s health and thankful for all that the NHS have done for us and for everyone who has needed them during this pandemic.

What order would your list be?

That’s it for today my little Brushaflies, so take care, stay safe and speak soon xoxo

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