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Declutter that wardrobe – My hints and tips…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua šŸ¦‹ Today’s blog post is about Decluttering your wardrobe and my top tips for doing it.

It’s pretty much spring, and spring to me means that awesome time of year called ‘The Spring Clean’… I have a small home that I share with my little family, now don’t get me wrong, although its on the small side I do love it to pieces and I really enjoy rearranging my house, cleaning it and decluttering it. And the wardrobe is no stranger to being hit with my stern decluttering hand and bin bags galore. But some people really struggle with Decluttering anything, especially a wardrobe full of clothes that you love and adore and have spent hard earned pennies on. So I have compiled my top tips to help you on your fashion and wardrobe declutter.

My top tips:

  • Take all your clothes out of your wardrobe and go through each item individually. Not only can you see your whole wardrobe space, but you also have to touch and pick up each clothing item which means you have to look at it. When you do, take in the design, the shape and the colour.
  • Try on items your unsure about. Don’t just shrug and think I might wear it, try it on and see it on your person. That way you will know if you still like it or not.
  • Put your clothes into three piles. A keep pile for clothes you know you love and want to keep, a declutter pile for donating or passing on and a maybe pile for those clothes you need to think about.
  • Is it comfy? If you unsure about an item do the try on method and think about how comfortable it is. I don’t just mean does it feel comfortable, but do ‘you’ feel comfortable. If a piece of clothing hugs an area of my body I don’t like, then whenever I wear it I feel self conscious, that to me is uncomfortable and not something I want to keep.
  • Does it fit properly? So you have done the comfy test, but what about the does it fit. Is it two sizes too small or big, are you keeping it in the hopes you will lose weight or get fit or put weight on, but in reality will you actually do that, will it just be taking up space?
  • Is it stained or torn? Will you take the time to mend your item or take the time to try and get the stain out? Be honest! If it’s no, it needs to go!
  • Coke can ring pulls, yup, those things that open a can of fizzy drink. These can come in handy to create more space in your wardrobe, how? Well, you place one coke can ring pull over the hanger hook, hang the next hanger on the other open space on the ring pull and it acts like a double hanger. This creating more space because the hangers are more spaced out and are not clogging up the whole rail.
  • Use a shoe rack that hangs over your rail, usually a fabric one. Then place bulkier items such as trousers, cardigans, jumpers etc. Thus creating more hanging space because the thicker items are out the way. Argos do cheap ones that are ideal.
  • Use thin velvet hangers. I got mine from both Primark and Amazon, they are not only thinner and take less hanging space but they also treat your clothes nicer and snag your clothes less.
  • Make sure to follow the one in one out rule. If you want to buy a new item, make sure you declutter one item to make space for this new item.
  • If you struggle to see what it is you are wearing and what you are not wearing, you can do this neat trick. Over a couple of weeks or a month, hang all your hangers one way, but when you come to rehang that item after wearing it, turn the hanger the other way. At the end of the weeks or month you will see what hangers are turned the wrong way and which ones you wear the most and least. Then you can decide if you really want to keep those lesser worn items.
  • Organise by style type. I like to organise mine by the type of item it is, such as dresses, then t-shirts, jumpers and cardigans, work uniform, trousers and skirts etc. That way I can see each category and see the items I want to wear.
  • Organise by colour. This is not something I do but I know some people do.
  • Make sure you have separate space for handbags, accessories and scarfs. I have some hangers that hang over my bedroom door and that is where my handbags and other accessories live. That way my wardrobe is all for my clothes.

So there you have it, my top tips on how to declutter and tidy your wardrobe. I have recently done a video on my YouTube channel where I declutter and tidy my own wardrobe, so if you want to see it, click here – My wardrobe declutter and tidy I hope this helps you to get into the spring clean mindset and help you to declutter and tidy yours.

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