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Influenster – The best beauty app ever!!!

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is about the app that thousands of Beauty lovers are using to review products and find out about products they might want to use but are not sure about. Its called Influenster and it is an amazing and awesome app. But what makes it so great?

Well first up you sign up to their app and create a name and bio for yourself. You can add what social media channels you have, which gives you impact points. Impact points work as a kind of point system to see how far of a reach you have. The higher the impact, the higher the reach you have. Why is this important?

Well, Influenster work with many makeup and beauty brands, and together they create something called a Voxbox. A Voxbox is a free box of goodies which if you are lucky enough to get one, you must review on the Influenster app and across your social media channels. (The big thing you must remember is – that if you get a Voxbox and you review the items inside it, you must disclose to your followers that you received the products for free to give an honest review). And you must remember to review it on the app and finish all the steps it tells you to, just to make sure you can be considered for future Voxboxes.

I have been lucky enough that I have received a few Voxboxes now. One from AHC an awesome skincare brand with some amazing products. One from OPI nails, I got some nail polishes to use and review last year. And most recently, a Bondi Sands self tanning set to try. I absolutely love receiving these because it means you get to test out and try products you might not have heard of or considered buying before.

What do I enjoy about using this app?

Well, I like obviously the chance to be able to receive Voxboxes, obviously that is the biggest reason many people join in with the app. But I do also really enjoy leaving reviews, obviously I enjoy reviewing products… Duh… my blog and my YouTube channel are all about me reviewing makeup and beauty products 😁 I also like reading reviews other people have left on the app, especially for products I’m thinking of buying but I’m not sure about. You also get badges on your home page the more times you engage with the app and the more times you review things.

I really like the way Influenster like you to be honest aswell. A lot of companies only want the good reviews but Influenster always mention how you should be honest with your review and that people value an honest reviewer. There has been a lot of talk over the years of influencers, YouTubers and bloggers getting free products and giving them raving reviews because they are afraid of telling the truth or bashing the product because then they might not receive anymore PR or free items… But for me, I always believe honesty is key! To get your followers to really put their trust in you and your own personal brand, be honest and that is what I like about Influenster.

If you are interested in signing up, I do have a link you can use to apply for Influenster. This link does kind of work like an affiliate link, I don’t get paid but I do get more points for every referral towards being eligible for future Voxboxes, so only click the link if you are comfortable with that, if not you can just download the app from your app store and start that way – Influenster Referral link happy reviewing.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, and I hope it helped you find out more about Influenster, what it does and what you can get from it. If you did like my post, why not follow my blog and keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty. Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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