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No 7 Instant Results Nourishing hydration mask review…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is about the No 7 Instant Results Nourishing hydration mask. So I got this in my No 7, 2020 Advent Calendar for my birthday from my lovely husband last year. Over the course of the months since my birthday I have been happily working my way through the products that appeared in the calendar, most of which I love, but then… There is this…

At first glance it actually looks kinda cool, it looks like Meringues in a tube. But it’s not ‘obviously’ it is two kind of products in one, a more creamy product and a more gel like product which as you use the pump mixes them together and they become one. Sometimes you do get more of the cream, and other times more of the gel. However it comes out though it doesn’t really make much of a difference on how it works.

So it is meant to be a hydrating, moisturising mask for dry to very dry skin. I have dry and sometimes very dry skin but is it good? Does it really work for me and my dry skin?

The answer?!? Not really. Now I actually love No 7 and lots of their products, their skincare is some of the best I have ever tried and I always go back to it time and time again but this face mask for me, is not something I’m a fan of. When I first apply it, I find it does sting a little bit, which can sometimes mean the product is doing its thing or it can mean it doesn’t agree with you. I find the sting sometimes a little much, to the point it makes my eyes water. It says to leave it on for 3 minutes for a small treatment or up to 10 minutes for a more intense treatment. I usually do the 10 minute one because I will chill in the bath, read a book and want my skin to have the intense experience to help my dry problem areas. Sounds like a great experience right, a nice bath and a mask… So what don’t I like about it? Well…

I just find that my skin doesn’t feel any more hydrated than before using it, and the formula is strange it leaves a weird film over your face which just feels like grease, and no amount of scrubbing gets that weird film off. I’m not the only person to feel that way about it either, one of my besties got one for Christmas too and isn’t a fan due to the weird filmy layer that is left on your skin. It does make me wonder whether the greasy filmy layer is meant to make people feel like their skin is dewy and nourished, but to me personally it just feels disgusting and is not an enjoyable experience using it and is not very relaxing, which for me is a must, if I am using a face mask, I want it to be a relaxing and enjoyable time to help my mind, body and soul chill.

Would I buy it again? Um… Nope. If I ever get one again in a gift set then it may be gifted away to a friend or family member, or maybe put into a future giveaway on my channel, but personally once this one has been all used and panned (it is in my project pan) I don’t want to use one again.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post if you do why not follow my blog. Plus, do you have this face mask, do you enjoy using it? Let me know in the comments. Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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