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Can the colour of our makeup change the way we feel?

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 As you may or may not know the other day I blogged about my whole entire lipstick collection. For my YouTube channel and my sanity I decided to do a makeup inventory where I note down all the makeup I own so I can keep tabs on what I love, don’t love, need more of and DON’T NEED TO BUY ANYMORE OF!!! Lol! But it got me thinking about lipstick and makeup in itself and all the different shades out there and whether they can actually really help enhance your mood?

The year 2020 was literally a monster for everyone, and never did we need pick me ups and mood boosters more. I have most definitely noticed a link between my makeup bag and my mood. If I go and apply my makeup I feel so much better for the rest of the day. If I don’t I can feel very low and grumpy. It is totally amazing how a simple swipe of lipstick, gloss or even just a pop of a coloured eyeshadow on the lid can improve the way I feel and possibly you too.

Many colours are linked to our emotions, when I studied my Wiccan diploma course (I was obsessed with Charmed and wanted to learn more) I learnt about colours and how they can help with emotions and even certain spells. Don’t worry I’m not casting one on you lol! I did actually find the Wiccan way of life really interesting and I have taken some things and used them in my thinking and beliefs, but I don’t practice Wicca as such, I just love learning!!! But Wicca is interesting and is growing on me 🦋 It was pretty interesting to understand how colour can effect our moods and can be associated with certain Chakra points. Even different coloured stones can help our moods! Think Rose quartz and love ❤️

Below are some makeup colours and how they can help with certain moods and aspects of your life:

PINK – Not actually considered a Chakra shade as such but is a well known playful shade and rather cute. Pink is a great shade for affection and love. If you want to open your heart for love, then apply the prettiest pink shade you own.

GREEN – The colour for the heart Chakra. This one is a great shade for self-love, self-care and for some you time. If you fancy some pamper time, whip on some Green have a great day and then finish with a face mask and Green Jade roller.

BLUE – Connected to the Throat Chakra and the third eye chakra depending on the shade of blue, this colour is great for helping to find your voice and for being confident. If you have a job interview why not pop on a small amount of blue eyeshadow either as a pop in the inner corner or under the lash line to let that confident person underneath really shine through.

ORANGE – The Sacral Chakra shade and is a colour to help spread joy! A really joyful and positive colour which can really add impact to your look and your day.

RED – The Root Chakra shade and one that not only Roots you to the Earth but also to your own strengths. A colour that over the years has meant empowerment (Think Elizabeth Arden and the Suffragettes) Want to show people you are the boss, then boss that red lip!

PURPLE – The Crown Chakra shade and is known as a really spiritual colour. Can be super vibrant or a gentle pastel hue. Use this shade to remember to be kind to yourself and others and to enhance your spirituality.

YELLOW – The Solar Plexus chakra shake and is very bright, summery and playful. A colour for a creative moment and for if you want to add a happy, summery style to your look. Just a pop or a full on look, Yellow is anything but Mellow.

Obviously these are not the only colours of makeup / lipstick you can wear but these are the ones that are considered to help with boosting mood and emotions. But at the end of the day just wear the shade you want to and have fun with it and be yourself. Makeup is what you make of it, but I do truly believe it is a huge mood booster and emotional enhancer. So why not have a play with some colour and enhance your life in many makeup magical ways.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, if you did why not follow my blog and channel and keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty. Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

*Some of the photos in this blog post are form the WordPress free library and are stock photos. They are not my own but damn they are gorgeous xoxo

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