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3 ways people are jealous of you and your success and how to overcome them…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is a discussion about why people may troll you, be nasty to you, talk behind your back and not be happy for you. After thinking through my own experiences with this, I have compiled a list of three reasons and how to overcome them.

  • When they can’t reach your level – Some people get nasty or a low mood when they can’t reach your level. They become troll like with their words and comments and whatever you do, they will not be happy for you. Just remember that you do what you do and it makes you happy and if you start to have some success with what you are doing and you find the people around you are just not happy, try not to let it get to you or eat away at you. It could be because they are maybe jealous, depressed, feel sad that they cannot do what you do and they lash out. Whether you know them or not, they are jealous of you, which kinda sucks but what can you do to make yourself not feel so bad about what they are saying? How can you overcome this? – Take it with a pinch of salt, just remember you do what you love and do because you want to and for you. You don’t do it for anyone else. (unless you have kids then maybe you do it for them) but ultimately you do it for you. If people are trolling you, best thing to do is ignore them, block them or delete them. If it’s people you know and care about then maybe try to explain how bad they are making you feel. If they don’t get it or understand then take a step back and distance yourself from their negative thoughts and ways. Don’t be nasty but just step back.
  • When they don’t have what you have – Do you have skills? A nice home? A good job? A family? Anything can make people jealous and lash out but you should not feel bad for the things you have achieved, own or can do. How to overcome this? If its people you don’t know contacting you over your social channels again take a step back. If they are moaning about your skills or how far you have come, maybe use that to your advantage and make content that can help others. If you do makeup like me and they moan about that, do content based on where to train, which YouTubers or makeup artists you take inspiration from. That way you get extra content for your social channels, and you get to politely tell them this is why I am where I am because I work hard and try, but also if someone is down or depressed you might help them get out of a dark place. If it is people you know, kindly explain that they should be happy for you because you would for them. If they really don’t like it and cannot support you in a friendly way, then for your own mental health take a step back and distance yourself.
  • When they try to copy you but can’t – I’ve had this a lot. When I was heavily into my writing and self publishing my own books I got so many people tell me they could do it better… But did they ever? No! When I began my makeup path, people would tell me I looked stupid, they hated my makeup and that I had no skills and once again, they too could do better! Did they though? No! They just carried on moaning… Until I done a giveaway on my channel then they wanted to know me and suddenly loved my makeup. But I had the last laugh because I carried on, I done it for me because it is my hobby and keeps me sane and I really don’t care what they think. How can you overcome this? Grow a thick skin, just ignore the haters and the hate and just revel in the fact that you are happy and love what you do.

Ultimately remember, you cannot please everyone and some people cannot be helped and just want to spend their lives in negative holes. For those people you just have to be the bigger and better person and move on and do what you love. Haters are always gonna hate, people are always going to show some form of Jealousy but you can be amazing!!!

I hope this blog post helps you with people being jealous, nasty and trolling you. If you too have any advise be sure to comment it below so we can all help one another.

Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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