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Makeup Inventory series – Lipsticks…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is about a series I am doing over on my Makeup YouTube channel, a makeup Inventory series, where I take notes on all the makeup I own and have collected over the years. The first one I have done is Lipsticks… If you want to see my video, click the link here to my channel – Brushafly Mua YouTube channel

I cannot believe over the years I have collected soooo many, I have either purchased them myself, been gifted them as presents or have been sent them to try. Overall I counted them, I have 146 in total!!! Like omg what!!! But considering the other beauty gurus in the game, my collection is quite small.

Here is a list of my lipsticks in order of appearance:

Bullet lipsticks:

* Primark P.s In the Buff
* Primark P.s Toast
* Primark P.s Caramel
* Primark P.s Barely there
* Primark P.s Rosewood Mauve
* Primark P.s Lava
* Primark P.s Heatwave
* Primark P.s All out
* Primark P.s Cupcake
* Elf Beautifully bare
* Primark P.s You do you, babe
* Kylie cosmetics Give me a kiss (Kris Jenner)
* Kylie cosmetics Haunt it
* Revolution Cupid
* winky Lux mini pill lipsticks x 5
* Lise Watier Ginger Bread
* Elizabeth Arden Pink Punch
* Becca Cosmetics Khloe x Malika Brave
* Mac Cosmetics Model Behaviour
* Mac Cosmetics Act Natural
* Mac Cosmetics Oh, Yes baby
* Mac cosmetics Kinkster
* Mac Cosmetics Maya la belle
* No 7 Desert Rose
* No 7 highshine crayon x 2
* Revolution x Soph Fudge
* Revolution x Soph Cake
* Revolution x Soph Syrup
* Revolution x friends Monica
* Revolution x friends Rachel
* Revolution x friends Phoebe
* Crayola beauty Maroon
* Crayola beauty Strawberry
* Crayola beauty Red
* Jeffree Star Galaxy Gold


* YSL No 7
* YSL No 104
* Givenchy 16 Noir
* W7 Pink Diamond
* Kylie cosmetics x Balmain model behaviour
* Soap and glory Plumsup
* Primark P.s x Jena Frumes
* Morphe x Maddie Ziegler
* Inc. Redible Freakin Fierce
* Mac Cosmetics lipglass?
* Mac Cosmetics Lipglass Miley Cyrus 2
* Mac Cosmetics Lipglass Dilly Dazzle
* Mac Cosmetics Sensory Overload
* Morphe x Jeffree star Living for it
* Morphe x Jeffree star Iconic
* Morphe x Jeffree star Berry Blast
* Morphe x Jeffree star First Impression
* Morphe x Jeffree star Star Crown
* Morphe x Jeffree star Slurp
* Revolution x 2
* Xx Revolution Sundown
* I Heart Revolution Chocolate Fudge
* I heart Revolution Chocolate Chip Cookie
* I heart Revolution Mint Chocolate
* I heart Revolution Ginger
* I heart Revolution Chocolate Brownie
* I heart Revolution Honeycomb
* I heart Revolution Mocha
* I heart Revolution Berry
* I heart Revolution Salted Caramel
* I heart Revolution Chocolate Orange
* I heart Revolution Cherry
* Colourpop x Sailor moon Moon Tiara
* Colourpop x Sailor moon, Sailor moon
* Kylie cosmetics x Koko Damn Gina
* Rimmel Rebel Red
* Revolution Cupid
* Revolution Adore
* Marks and Spencer gloss limited collection
* No 7 highshine gloss

Liquid lipsticks:

* Kylie cosmetics x Koko The bigger the hoops
* Kylie cosmetics x Kourt French Kiss
* Kylie cosmetics x Koko Khloe money
* Kylie cosmetics x Balmain Paris
* Kylie cosmetics x Koko Allergic to Billshit
* Colourpop x sailor moon Bun head
* Colourpop x Sailor moon Usagi
* Soap and glory pink charming
* Charlotte Tilbury Too bad I’m bad
* Charlotte Tilbury Show girl
* No 7 grace
* No 7?
* No 7 Conquer
* Jeffree Star Purple Urkle
* Jeffree Star Yes Ma’am
* Jeffree Star Queen Bee
* Jeffree Star Diva
* Jeffree Star I’m Royalty
* Jeffree Star Breakfast at Tiffany’s
* Jeffree Star Equality
* Jeffree Star Redrum
* Jeffree Star Flamethrower
* Jeffree Star Blue Velvet
* Jeffree Star 2nd Redrum
* Jeffree Star Mannequin
* Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood
* Jeffree Star Leo
* Revolution x Roxi Tokyo
* Revolution x Roxi London
* Revolution x Sebile Reborn
* Revolution x Sebile Venus Kiss
* Revolution x Sebile Get noticed
* Makeup Obsession x Belle Jorden wishes
* Makeup Obsession x Belle Jorden Ditzy
* Makeup Obsession x Belle Jorden Ever after
* Revolution Salvation
* Revolution Creme Attraction
* I heart Revolution meteor
* I heart Revolution Nebula
* I heart Revolution Galaxy
* I heart Revolution Stellar
* I heart Revolution Cosmo
* Smashbox Petal Metal
* Huda Beauty Wifey
* Rimmel Have a Cow
* Primark P.s Snowfall
* Primark P.s Glade
* Primark P.s Diamonds
* Primark P.s Glacier
* Primark P.s frosty
* Primark P.s Flurry
* Avon Mark Freesia

Lip Balms:

* Knd’r Positivity pink
* Nivea watermelon
* No 7 shy pink
* Milk Kush Green Dragon
* Dr Paw Paw hot pink
* Nivea original
* Instant effects lip plumper

I did forget six lipglosses which I found at the end:

* Revolution x Friends lipgloss Ross

* Revolution x Friends lipgloss Phoebe

* Revolution x Friends lipgloss collection Monica

* Revolution x Friends lipgloss collection Chandler

* Revolution x Friends lipgloss collection Rachel

* Revolution x Friends lipgloss collection Joey

So there you have it, my whole lipstick collection!!! Why don’t you do this to your own collection and see what you have, what you need more of and less of. I found this a great way to see what I own.

If you liked my blog post, why not check out my YouTube channel and subscribe, and follow my blog, so you can keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty.

Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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