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Do cellulite creams actually work or are they a money making scheme?

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is a discussion on whether or not cellulite creams actually work on helping to banish the dreaded orange peel or whether they are just a money making scheme from skincare companies?!?

Now I have noticed I have always had some form of cellulite, as I grew in to my late teens (many moons ago) I had it, not much but it was there, now I’m in my 30’s I most definitely have more. I used to feel so self conscious about it, I wouldn’t wear dresses or skirts incase the wind blew them up and people saw the orange peel on the tops of my legs. I also have stretch marks too, but those came along after having my beautiful babies.

Because I felt so conscious about my cellulite I would buy and invest in many creams in the hopes that one of them would hide or get rid of the skin puckering peel, but to no avail.

But what have I learnt over my years of trying to banish away the peel?

Whilst no product will cure cellulite, some of the creams are not a total waste of money. Hydrated and well looked after skin tends to look more nourished, happy and may improve the look of cellulite… But not cure! If your skin is really dehydrated (and I’m not just talking about drinking enough water version of dehydration) but the (I need some skin loving nourishment dehydration) then creams are the way to go.

My tips to helping your skin feel loved are:

  • Exfoliate – Dead skin cells can make your skin look dull, lack lustre and of course dehydrated. Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of those dead skin cells and make way for the skin cells that are full of life underneath. Because your skin has a cycle I recommend a weekly exfoliation, if your skin gets irritated and uncomfortable maybe go to once every two weeks. Its best to get to know your skin and work out what it does and doesn’t like. Mine personally likes a weekly exfoliation. To exfoliate with I will either use an exfoliating body scrub in the shower, or some shower gel on a bath lily. But because bath lilies can become a germ breeding ground I do like to replace them often.
  • Moisturise – Different skin types obviously need different forms of moisturiser, some people have a lot of oils and some don’t, they have drier skin. I have dry skin so I always stick to mega moisturisers, Aveeno is one I love and the No 7 body milk is another, along with Sanctuary Spa. Best thing is to shop around and find one that suits your skin.
  • Pat dry don’t rub dry – when you wash and its time to dry, make sure to pat certain areas dry. If you have a rather sensitive area or a more cellulite heavy area, pat in dry, don’t rub it dry, that way your hopefully not irritating the skin as much. I also do this with the skin on my face not just sensitive skin on my body.
  • Massage – Now I’m not saying you need a monthly massage at a parlor, unless that’s your thing then you can. But around the areas most affected its good to massage them, with gorgeous smelling moisturisers too! Massaging can help with boosting circulation and helping with lymphatic drainage. All of which are great for improving the look of your skin and potentially improving the look of cellulite… Of course no promises and if it doesn’t help its still all good to do just to have a good pamper session to make you feel good in the skin your in.

One thing you have to remember is no one is perfect, every one has either :

  • Cellulite
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks

The beautiful people you see online or in magazines may look flawless but they have been photo-shopped, had photos taken at a certain angle, had images edited or had makeup to enhanced what they already have. Everyone has these things, it’s not just you, we are all human and we are all beautiful in our own right. Just remember that!!! What ever your skin colour, type and so called imperfections, you ARE PERFECT!!!

So, do cellulite creams work or are they a money making scheme?

Well they are both, they are worth it to make your skin hydrated and to look and feel good… But they don’t cure cellulite, so at the same time they are money making schemes for skin care companies to sell to us.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post today, if you did why not follow my blog and keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty. And feel free to comment about your thoughts and feelings about cellulite and skin issues. If I can help I will try. So take care my Brushaflies, stay safe and speak soon xoxo

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