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Revolution eye bright concealer review…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is about the new Revolution Beauty eye bright concealer, which can be considered a dupe for both the Charlotte Tilbury one and the Becca Cosmetics one (although the Becca one was recalled last year, but that was a nice concealer while I used it) the design is of course similar to many Concealers on the market with the concealer in a plastic tube, with a turning mechanism at the bottom to push up the concealer and of course a sponge applicator at the top.

Here is the link to Revolution Beauty and the concealer – Concealer at Revolution Beauty this is not an affiliate link just a useful one ❤️

The concealer comes in 15 shades, from porcelain to deep mocha. I think it is a nice mid range of concealers, although it could potentially be a wider range to be even more inclusive as there do seem to be more lighter / medium shades than dark / deep shades, so hopefully they will make the range bigger and expand to include more people? But if I had a gripe with this product, that would actually be the only one I could find because I actually really enjoyed this concealer.

Here is a list of the concealer shades and who they are suited for from the website:

  • Porcelain – For fairest skin tones with a pink undertone
  • Fair- For fairest skin tones with a yellow undertone
  • Light- For fair skin tones with a neutral undertone
  • Medium Light- For light/medium skin tones with pink-warm undertone
  • Medium- For medium skin tones with a neutral undertone
  • Medium Yellow- For medium skin tones with a yellow undertone
  • Tan- For deeper medium skin tones with a yellow undertone
  • Warm Tan- For deeper skin tones with neutral undertone
  • Deep Tan- For deeper medium skin tones with olive undertone
  • Caramel-For medium/dark skin tones with red-warm undertone
  • Deep Caramel- For deep skin tones with a neutral undertone
  • Toffee- For dark skin tones with an olive undertone
  • Warm Chestnut- For dark skin tones with a neutral undertone
  • Mocha- For dark skin tones with a red-warm undertone
  • Deep Mocha- For very deep skin tones with a red-warm undertone

From the list description it does sound like there is more inclusivity, but if you look at the actual colours they show on the colour selector, it doesn’t look that much of a range for darker skin tones. But then again, a computerised colour may look better on darker skin tones then it does on a screen where colours can sometimes look different. I guess the only way to truly know is to watch some other YouTubers testing out the darker and deeper skin tones.

Here are some other YouTubers testing out the concealer:

I have chosen a few from other beautiful girls with different skin tones for you to look at. This blog post is obviously my opinion on this concealer though. I will be doing a video on my channel soon about it, so when it is up I will include a link here – My video review on the Revolution eye bright concealer

So apart from the design being awesome, because I do actually really like the design, the packaging is smooth, sleek and looks expensive. The colour for me is also great and the formula is lovely. It blends into the skin like a dream and definitely for me gave my eyes some brightening (I mean those Netflix eye bags were something else lol). I found it did also work well as a whole face concealer, like it concealed redness around my nose and chin area, it didn’t cake up too much either which is always a win with me. It does also cover some blemishes, not all of them especially the bestie ones, but it does work well covering some which again is a win. But overall it does give your skin or my skin a least a nice, dewy, illuminating glow.

The price point as well I feel is good, at £8 it’s not too expensive, so if your on a drugstore budget this could be for you. Especially if you want it to dupe another product. I personally cannot compare it to the Charlotte Tilbury one, but I did have the Becca Cosmetics one, which was brilliant but damn expensive, especially when it got recalled for mould issues on the sponge, but they did refund me, so no beef there. But the quality of the Revolution one is as good if not better in my opinion than the Becca one.

So yes, I love it and would totally recommend it to anyone who wants glowy, dewy and illuminating skin and under eyes.

So that’s this blog post done, I hope you enjoyed it, if you did why not follow my blog and channel and keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty. Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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