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Revolution 5D lash mascara review…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is me reviewing the new Revolution 5D lash mascara!!! At £8.99 or £6.99 as an introductory price, the price point for this mascara isn’t horrendous, for me it is what I would pay for a drugstore mascara from Boots, Superdrug or a Supermarket. But is it any good? That is the question!?!

The packaging is very smooth, sleek, and feels like quality. It is quite weighted but not ridiculously heavy that applying the mascara would be strenuous. I like the colours they chose for the design, the palest nude-ish pink shade and rose gold lettering screams style. Plus I like the box it comes in to, in just feels more extravagant than your usual mascara wrapped in a plastic wrapper.

The wand is a skinny, hair type wand (not a plastic / rubber one) I prefer this type of wand as the full of plastic rubber like ones really hurt my eyes and lashes (they do have feelings too you know) and because the wand is skinny it is perfect for getting to those under eye lashes that are short and stubby and somewhat hard to get to. Because it is a small wand the upper lashes do need to little bit of care when applying, like I applied one eye a little too hard and because of the skinny wand and trying to reach my lash root and sweep up, I did bash my eye lid a little. But in saying that, with practice its not the worst wand in the world and I do really like it for those under eye lashes.

The formula is a good pigmented black shade and didn’t smell overly chemical at all, it just smells like your average mascara wand. The formula itself was good for creating both natural lashes and built up false look lashes. You can layer it up, and although it flaked a little when building because it was layering up and pulling off small flecks of loose layering, it wasn’t horrendous flaking, it was just a small amount that was easily brushed away with a spoolie. The formula lasted very well too, by the end of the day it still looked great right up until I removed it with the rest of my makeup.

So overall I was really happy with this mascara, I like it so much I am going to be putting it in my project pan because I feel I like it enough to be able to use it daily and pan it over the months.

Here is a link to revolution and the 5D lash mascara – Mascara revolution beauty this is not an affiliate link just a useful one 🦋

I hope you liked my review on the mascara if you did why not check out my YouTube video review on the same mascara too, link here – 5D lash mascara review brushaflymua 🦋

So that’s me done for today, again I hope you enjoyed it, if you did why not follow my blog and my channel to keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty 🦋 Take care and speak soon xoxo

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