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Reflecting on my past shopping habits… Teen years…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is a makeup discussion reflecting on my past shopping habits from my teen years. Makeup has always been something I have loved and experimented with. I have not always been the most flamboyant with my makeup looks, but I have always worn it to school, college and work. I love the sailor moon gif below, in my teens I adored sailor moon and the teenage friendships and drama, especially the talking cats, Luna was the cutest!!! But I felt for reflecting on my teen years, sailor moon was a good one to look back at (even if it is the newer version lol)

So, here are the things I want to reflect on with my teenage shopping habits:

What was my Favourite store? – TJ Hughes was one of my favourite shops, now it doesn’t sound very glam but here me out! As a teen I was addicted to perfume, I collected all different perfume bottles, I just loved all the pretty and cute glass designs, plus I loved discovering new scents to wear to make me smell glam. And TJ Hughes used to be the place to go for cheap perfumes or, expensive brands at discounted prices. Plus, not only did TJ Hughes sell perfume, they also sold cheap makeup or expensive makeup at discounted prices, TJ Hughes was a bit like how TK Maxx is now, just not as glam and trendy. Plus, when you were on a pocket money wage, you couldn’t be too choosey. I later went on to have one of my first jobs at TJ Hughes and you guessed it, I worked on the perfume counter, which of course was dangerous territory for me with the temptation of perfume and makeup all around me.

Who did I usually go shopping with? With my girl friends from school and or later on college. Whilst I liked to mosey round TJ Hughes at the discounted perfume and makeup and also the book shop (Waterstones) for the latest ‘Charmed’ novel, one of my besties at the time was addicted to buying thongs lol!!! Yup you read that right… Thongs! She loved them, almost as much as me and my books, perfume and makeup.

What is my Favourite store now? – Superdrug and TK Maxx, I can’t choose between the two, I get so super excited to go to TK Maxx to see what makeup bargains and fashion bargains I can grab, but Revolution is my favourite brand as of late and Superdrug is a stockist of them, so when I’m not buying revolution online, I will be found in their aisles noseying around.

Who do I shop with now? – Anyone who can handle my shopping habits lol. I am not the best at making up my mind and can spend hours pondering whether to buy that eyeshadow palette or not. I usually go shopping with my sprogs (kids) but when they are at school I may grab my work besties and grab a hot chocolate, or my mum and sister and go for lunch, or my husband and get a breakfast at a cafe or my lovely nan who I love exploring charity shops with. Obviously when lockdown isn’t about!

Do I prefer to shop online or offline and why? – Online… I know, I know I feel totally bad for our now dying high street but I have my reasons. I’m quite introverted and don’t like crowds or busy places. I also like the ease of shopping online, if there is something I want I can find it in seconds and order it straight to my door, where as normal high street shopping can be treacherous, you might want something but can’t get it as it might not be in stock in your town. I also like the range online, there is usually a wider whole range online and just a snippet in the shops, or at least at my local town centre it’s that way. You can also see images online of people wearing the makeup so you can see if its something that will suit your skin tone or not. Plus no parking, no crowds, no dashing back home for the school run… I do miss meeting up with people for coffee though. So although I prefer online, I do miss offline shopping sometimes too.

So, there you have it, my reflecting back on my teenage shopping habits. What were yours like? Let me know!

That’s all for today my little Brushaflies, so stay safe and speak soon xoxo

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