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Revolution x friends mirror review…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 If you follow my blog and or my YouTube channel, you will know I have been on a bit of a friends x Revolution binge as of late. I was lucky enough to receive money for xmas instead of presents (I’m hard to buy for as I collect makeup as a hobby so people have no clue what to get me… Ooopsie) which I am totally grateful for, and which I spent on makeup at Revolution beauty, mostly on their friends collab collection. Someone who has been watching my channel and reading my blog messaged me and asked me to do a review on the mirror. I wasn’t planning on reviewing the mirror ‘per say’ but I do use it every day so I guess it seems only fitting to add it into my makeup review world!

The mirror itself costs £10 from the Revolution website, which for a collectors item is fantastic value for money. Its made from plastic which is actually quite light and easy to hold and balance in your hand, even when also holding an eyeshadow palette in the same hand. (If you know the struggle you know). The handle is nice and sleek and not to bulky and it just the right thickness. It’s not too slim that it cuts into your hand, but its also not too thick that your hand can’t handle it… Get it… Handle it… Haha… Yeah ok, bad pun lol. But it is a great design. It also has the perfect shape to fit in my lipstick holder so I can go hands free and just use it like a stand up mirror.

The design itself is cute, it has the frame from around Monica’s door spy hole, which revolution have adopted for much of the Monica parts of the collection. It also mirrors the ‘open the door eyeshadow palette’, literally they are pretty much the same size and all. The mirror is nice quality in that it doesn’t distort your face in any way and it is a kind mirror to me. Don’t you just hate mirrors that aren’t kind to you! It also comes nicely packaged in a foam cut out and box so at least it has some protection when being delivered.

Overall I adore this mirror, it’s definitely one that I find easy to use and will most probably appear in loads of my videos to come.

I have also done a video all about the mirror, see the link here – Revolution x friends mirror review video

And if you want to check out the mirror on Revolution’s website, then here it is – Revolution beauty website this link is not an affiliate link, just a useful one that goes straight to the product I’m chatting about. If it ever changes and I start to use affiliate links I will let you all know. But for now, they are just helpful links.

So there you have it, my quick little review on the Revolution x friends mirror. I hope you enjoyed my blog post and video, if you did why not follow my blog and channel and keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty. Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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