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Makeup brands I fell in love with online…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is a makeup discussion on makeup brands I fell in love with online. Now, they are not brands that sell solely online but they are ones that I discovered online during the first lockdown we had in 2020. Makeup has been a full on passion of mine for a long while, but during lockdown it most definitely went full throttle… Literally every online makeup brand was having sales almost every week to try and rake in some money at a time when no one was out shopping on spending. Which only fueled my need and want to buy more makeup!

So, which brands did I discover online and which ones did I fall in love with?

Morphe – Was the first brand I truly purchased makeup from online. Before lockdown I would mostly buy from Boots, the supermarket, Superdrug and TKMaxx. The only real makeup purchases I had done online was for Kylie cosmetics, mostly because you can’t get it in the UK, so online was the only way. But during lockdown and watching ten tonne of Beauty gurus and then spotting the Morphe x Maddie Ziegler palette, I made my first purchase. The Maddie Ziegler palette was beautiful and gorgeous and had me hooked for a while, I went on to grab the Manny Mua, The James Charles Mini palette and a couple of others. The Manny Mua palette I liked, the colour story was cute, warm and neutral. The James Charles mini palette I actually was not a fan of… But you can’t like them all. But Morphe definitely got my makeup juices flowing and got me buying. Mostly stuff in the sale of course lol.

Charlotte Tilbury – A bit of a boujee brand but one I have come to absolutely love. Especially when they have a sale and deals on. I first found Charlotte Tilbury products on Feelunique when I got their beauty kit where you can test out five samples of makeup and or skincare for around £16-17 including a cute little bag to keep them in. My favourite Charlotte Tilbury products at the moment are:

  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in 3 fair
  • Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Too Bad I’m bad
  • Charlotte Tilbury Powder

Colourpop – Colourpop is a bit like Kylie cosmetics In the fact that it is not easily accessible to the UK unless you order it online. The sailor moon collection was the first thing I ordered from Colourpop and I loved it! The eyeshadow palette is my favourite by far and the glosses are next on my favourites list, the blotted lips are ok, not my favourite liquid lip but totally wearable for a more toned down lip look.

Kylie cosmetics – This is the first proper online store I ever purchased online makeup from. I adored keeping up with the Kardashians back in its hey day and the episode with Kylie first selling a lip kit was one of my favourites. I went on to get some gorgeous makeup from her site. I don’t buy from it often as it can get expensive with shipping and customs, but occasionally I have a little splurge, especially if I have birthday money or such. The Koko Kollection, The Kris Jenner and the Balmain collections are some of my favourites from Kylie’s brand.

Tati Beauty – Tati Beauty by Tati Westbrook aka Glam life Guru. I know she has disappeared from our screens as of late and I hope one day she returns, and I know she has been embroiled in drama of the makeup sort. But… Her products are amazing!!! Or at least her eyeshadow palette, textured neutrals vol 1 is. The Blendiful is ok but not something I’m overly keen on but the eyeshadow palette is one of the best I have ever used. Her brand again is one you can only buy from online, especially again in the UK, but it is a brand I fell in love with. I just wish there were more products to buy from her.

Makeup Revolution / Revolution beauty / I heart Revolution / XX Revolution / Makeup Obsession – OK, that is a mouthful lol. Revolution is let’s put it, ‘the Parent’ brand, then all the others are children and siblings all watched over by the Parent brand. Revolution to me at the moment is my all time favourite makeup brand, and I fell in love with them online. It was Soph does nails fault or otherwise known as Soph does life and Soph does Vlogs. I became a fan of hers during lockdown and soon found out she had collabed with Revolution, to which I just had to have it! So I did… And then I saw something else, then something else and something else and so on… Revolution are a brand where I look at their website weekly, I don’t buy from them weekly, I’d be bankrupt if I did. But I do buy from them monthly! Ooops lol. Sorry bank account. But what I like about Revolution is their prices and quality. Their products are at drugstore prices but high-end quality. I love them, they do so many fantastic dupes for other brands makeup. So you don’t need to spend a lot to have a great makeup day. Plus they also do their own skincare, candles, haircare and of course ten tonne of makeup! Plus I love all the amazing collabs they do either with bloggers / vloggers, TV shows and Disney!!! They are amazing!!!

So there you have it, the makeup brands I fell in love with online during the pandemic and lockdown.

What brands have you fallen in love with? Shout out below!

Take care my Brushaflies, stay safe and speak soon xoxo

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