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Revolution x friends open the door eyeshadow palette…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is me reviewing and testing out the Revolution x friends open the door eyeshadow palette!!! I have been waiting for the opportune moment to review this since buying it with my Christmas money this year… But with homeschooling and only being able to film once or twice a week because of my family and work commitments, I have only just got around to using it now… And well, it was worth the wait!

The day I decided to test out this palette was a snowy day! Where I live it very rarely snows as we are too far south in the UK, it usually misses us. But it actually snowed where we live which actually got me all excited.

The palette itself is beautiful and whilst its not as I would put it an overly wintery palette, it does have some shades which scream snow… Such as that gorgeous silver metallic shade which really called out to me. The palette consists of what I would describe as mostly cool tones but bright and colourful, but the under tone is definitely on the cooler side, which for a snow day can work perfectly. The pinks are bright and cute and can be great spring / summer shades, it also holds some nice neutrals, brown’s and cool oranges, which are great for Autumn. There are 14 matte shades and 7 shimmer shades which makes a palette total of 21 shades and at £20 for the palette it makes each shade roughly around 95p each (I’m not a mathematical genius so if that is wrong, I’m sorry but I think it’s roughly correct). So to me, this palette is great value for money and with the Revolution formula which I have come to love and adore, you cannot go wrong!

The shades all swatched nicely and they have great shade names too lol:

  • Whiskerson – A creamy white shade
  • Java – A vibrant red shade
  • The one where – A reddy brown shade
  • Scientist guy – A cool tone pale brown shade
  • Orthodontist – A pale shimmery gold shade
  • Maple candy – A pale caramel shade
  • Manhattan – A dark muted pink shimmer shade
  • I take thee Rachel – A pale bright pink metallic
  • Big white dog – A silver metallic shade
  • Eggplant – A bright BRIGHT shocking pink shade
  • Cups and ice – A pale muted pink almost transition shade
  • Birthday Flan – A bright almost bronze like metallic shade
  • Dr Drake Ramoray – A dusty purple shade
  • Frank Jr. Jr – A vibrant plum shade
  • Mac and cheese – A mid toned brown shade
  • Fancy guest – A coral orange shade
  • I’m fine – A coral pink shade
  • Monana – A golden shimmer shade
  • The list – If fancy guest and I’m fine where mixed as one, it would be this shade
  • Prom video – A rose gold shimmer shade
  • Apothecary table – A deep dark brown shade

Doesn’t this palette look beautiful in the snow? Hmmm just me, ok then lol 😍

For my snowy day eye look I used the shades:

  • Eggplant – The bright shocking pink in my crease and upper eye area – I must add this shade stains your eyes like crazy, so wear it with caution. It does have the warning for pressed pigment on the back of the palette, so my guess is, this shade is one of them.
  • Dr Drake Ramoray – The dusty purple shade above the pink on my upper eye area. This shade is not as vibrant but if you take the time to build with it, it turns into a gorgeous dusty purple shade.
  • Big white dog – Which I put in the centre of my lid and was that pure perfection of a silver metallic shade. No brush dampening needed here… Oh no… Its perfect on its own!
  • Manhattan – The dark muted yet bright pink metallic shade which I put on the inner section of my eye.
  • I take thee Rachel – The almost baby pink shimmer shade which I put on the inner corner for highlight.
  • And then back in with eggplant under my lower lashes to marry the look together. Lastly I added some mascara which was the Nars extreme climax mascara which I have been loving lately. Then to finish the look I added some bright pink liquid lipstick by Jeffree star in yas ma’am!

I absolutely loved this eye look and wore it with pride during my little snow walk with the kids and the dog. People must have thought I was crazy wearing makeup like that just to walk the dog and kids but hey ho… That’s just how I flow lol.

I found all the shades worked so well, they were nicely pigmented, obviously some more than others but the ones that weren’t built up well where needed. The pink does stain your eyes like crazy when removed, but if like me you love makeup it won’t bother you much. The design of the palette is stunning and actually really gives me Jeffree Star cosmetics vibes, so if you want Jeffree Star dupes, the Revolution x friends collection are a great way to dupe up! The only downside to this palette is the ring hinges to open and close the palette. They tend to get caught or stuck but with a bit of a wiggle they then move freely again. But that is just me being picky. It also has a great large mirror which works well for the palette but again with the hinges can be a little hard to juggle holding it open and upright to use the mirror and the palette at the same time.

So overall I love this palette and I think someone who loves friends and or Revolution beauty will love it too and need it in their makeup life. I would highly recommend this palette. If you want to check it out then here is the link to revolution – Revolution x friends open the door eyeshadow palette this is not an affiliate link, just a useful one for makeup lovers.

If you enjoyed my blog post then why not follow my blog and keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty. So that’s all my little Brushaflies 🦋 take care and speak soon xoxo

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