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Dior backstage foundation and Dior skin forever concealer review…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is about the Dior backstage foundation and Dior skin forever concealer.

When I qualified as an Mua back in 2019 I was treated by the people around me who loved me and wanted to support my new venture to some very special makeup, Dior backstage foundation and some concealer. The models I practiced on were treated to this lovely face makeup which I have to say seemed to work well and like a dream on everyone’s skin. Then of course COVID-19 hit and my makeup artist business dreams were quashed… But makeup is makeup… And because I didn’t want it to go to waste because makeup especially liquid does have a shelf life, the shades I could use on my own face I used lol.

As a makeup artist you need to own a nice range of foundation and concealer shades to be able to work on many different skin tones. My tutors both on ‘The centre of excellence’ when they did their makeup artist course, and ‘Girl meets brush’, both commented on how you only needed between 4-5 different shades… Not 20-30!!! So many brands now have at least 20+ shades in their foundation ranges, which is fabulous because it means they are now more inclusive which (should have been the norm years ago) but as an Mua its not cost effective or practical to hold that many shades in your kit. Why? Because if you have a nice small range, you can mix the ones you have to create a large mixture of tones that should fit most skin tones. I got 4 shades which ranged from palest to one of the darkest shades and then a couple from in between that I could mix to darken or lighten when needed.

I also got a small range of concealers to fit in with my small range of foundations. Now as these were a gift I treasured them, but like I said COVID-19 hit which meant no playing on models faces anymore. So, I had to turn to my own face. For my face I used a mixture of the lightest shade and the second shade I owned which was shade no 2N. Mixed together they made the perfect shade for me.

The Dior Backstage foundation is a very build-able foundation. You can start with one layer which can look more skin like and just like your skin but better, then if you need more coverage you can build it up until it becomes a more heavy duty foundation with heavy coverage. It is quite long lasting which is great, but if you have very dry skin it can look a little cakey, but with the right amount of moisturiser and primer you can conquer the cakey look… You just have to work to get it. I found this foundation best applied with a brush and then finished with a damp sponge to give an airbrushed finished.

The concealer added some coverage and blended in well with the foundation to create a gorgeous finish. Both products smelt nice, a little like sun cream but not so over the top.

As this was a gift I can’t comment to much on the price but as its Dior I know it wasn’t a cheap drugstore price. But after doing some research on it, although it’s not the cheapest its also not the most expensive. £29.50 for the foundation is actually quite reasonable, especially since brands like Estee Lauder and Charlotte Tilbury charge around the £34 mark! I mean there are brands out there that want to charge the earth. The concealer was £24 which again, compared to other brands is quite reasonable. And although if I wanted to buy more dior makeup it would take some penny pinching and saving for it, it wouldn’t take the rest of my life or near bankruptcy to pay it back lol.

The packaging of this makeup is sleek and beautiful and looks very makeup artist like. The foundation bottle I thought would be glass or more expensive looking, but in fact they are a little squeezey. This is actually not a bad design because when your playing with makeup either on models or on your own face you can get the right amount of foundation out the bottle with less wastage. The concealer has a nice sized doefoot applicator which applies just the right amount of concealer to where you need it. You can also just use the concealer like a foundation if you wanted to as the coverage is great.

The Dior Backstage foundation and Dior skin forever concealer are both great products and well worth saving up for or having in your kit as an mua. They work well and wear great! And I would highly recommend.

Dior backstage foundation – Link

Dior skin forever concealer – Link

These links are not affiliate links just ones you might find useful if you want to check out some Dior makeup. I loved having this for my models whilst practicing, I enjoyed using it on my face too. Would I buy them again? Yes I would I just don’t need to buy so much at the moment. Hopefully one day COVID-19 will do one and leave our world in peace, but until then my dream of being an Mua and having my own business is totally on hold but YouTube is not, so at least in these hard times Makeup and beauty YouTube lives on! I also have my own little job at a supermarket now which I actually enjoy, and although Dior is good, I don’t need all those shades there lol.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post about the Dior backstage foundation and Dior skin forever concealer. If you did why not follow my blog and keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty. Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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