Galentines Day Ideas…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua ❤ I hope today finds you all well and safe. Obviously February is the month of Luurrrve! But as we have encountered lockdown after lockdown, social distancing and many other obstacles, many people haven’t been able to go out and find that special someone to spend time with. Or you might have found that special someone but due to restrictions at the moment you might not be able to go and see them or spend time with them, which means, Valentines day might not be as fun or as loving as it could be. But, don’t fret! We also have Galentines day! Galentines day is usually for those who don’t have a special someone in their life to spend a day of love with. Galentines day is for gals who are friends and have that special friendship connection and want to spend time with them… but once again lockdown and social distancing are hindering us gals spending time with one another… But I have an idea!

Facebook messanger for my kids as of late has been a life saver, now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t allowed them to sign up, they are not old enough, but my friends are old enough and we as parents have allowed our kids to phone each other during this lockdown so they don’t get lonely. You can video phone multi people at one time (I belive the limit is 8 people). It is nice becasue they can chat to their friends all at one time and although they can’t physically be together, they can at least see each others faces and chat and gossip! My idea is to use Facebook messanger as a Galentines day get-together, but NOT a real one, just a virtual one. So if you have some Gal or Guy friends that need some Galentine love, why not invite them to your Virtual Galentines day get-together! Galentines day is on February 13th, a day before Valentines day.

So, what do you need to do?

Send out Invites!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

A good way to send a Gal friend some love is to send out a cute and personal invitation. Get some nice paper, stationary and an envelope and fill it with joy. Write out cute personalised notes to each of your friends stating your idea for a Galentines virtual get together and what they need to take part. Don’t make things too expensive though as many people have been furloughed, so maybe think of things that can be done on a cheap budget. Set the time and ask them to R.S.V.P either by replying with their own written note, or via social media. At least that way you know who is coming!

Think of some ideas to do during the Virtual get-together!

Face Masks…

Sheet masks, peel off masks, hydrating masks, homemade masks… There are so many to choose from! Tell your Gals to get themselves a nice face mask to use. Sheet masks are nice and easy to use and can be picked up from most local supermarkets (When you are doing your essential food shop of course) although they are not always the best to use for the environment as they tend to go into landfill! Supermarkets are also a great place to grab ingredients to make a homemade facemask. Some Oats and natural yogurt make a nice hydrating and cooling mask, add a spoonful of honey to give it a more anti-bacterial twist which is great for acne prone and spot prone skin. Honey is also great for helping your skin heal! This can also be a hilarously fun activity as you watch each other apply your mask, and watch it drip and fall off your noses!!!


Create a nice calming atmosphere to relax and chat to your gals! Again the supermarket is a great place to grab some nice scented candles. Just be sure to keep an eye on candles and make sure you don’t leave them burning alone! A nice scented one can create a nice calming vibe, or get a sweet fruity one for a fun vibe.


Obviously food and drink is a must! Whilst doing your weekly essential food shop grab some munchies to set aside for your Galentines night! Cakes, Crisps, Dips, Sweets, Pizza, just anything yum. You could even take the virtual fun to the kitchen and each get some cookie mix to make cookies with at the same time and compare how each others cookies come out. Get some love heart cutters to make it even more lovable and fun. For drink, obviously depending on your age you could get a nice bottle of wine. If you don’t like alcohol but don’t want to be out of the loop with the drinking game, some supermarkets do really nice alcohol free wine alternatives. I’ll let you into a secret, me and my friend used to like meeting up on the beach with the kids for a catch up, we both used to take alcohol free wine with us, so we could feel like we were having wine time, but we were still able to watch and look after our kids and drive home. In the warmer months mixing it with crushed ice makes it into a super cute fake wine slushie! Just a thought for those of you that have slushie makers at home!


To make it fun and extra special you could include some fun crafts for everyone to do. Obviously don’t go too OTT money wise because not everyone can. But there can be fun things to do on the cheap. I quite like making Spa in a Jar, but you could change up the Spa in a Jar idea to create cute pencil holder jars, liquid lipstick holder jars, makeup brush holder jars… Anything you want it for! All you need is:

  • A clean glass jar – Can be from a pasta sauce jar, just make sure it is clean and dry before use.
  • Paint.
  • Glitter.
  • PVA Glue if you don’t want paint.
  • Fairy lights.
  • Newspaper or old paper you don’t need.


  • Take your clean jar and either pour a load of paint into it, or PVA glue with a tonne of glitter hehe.
  • Now, depending on your desired look you can – Turn the jars upside down and get a paint drip look (For this one don’t pour in too much paint otherwise it won’t drip it will just cover the whole jar in paint) or if you want a full block of colour, fill it with a tonne of paint, turn it over and let it drip down so it covers all the glass. Put the upside down jars onto newspaper. Then leave to dry. (This could take up to 24 hours – Which means a follow up virtual get-together could be in order lol, which means even more fun!)
  • Once dry you can add fairy lights to make them glow up as little room decorations.
  • Or you can add in some old newspaper or coloured card or cloth at the bottom to make a good resting place for your Liquid lipsticks, brushes and or stationary. The crumpled up paper means that they will rest taller in the jar so they are easier to grab, otherwise you will need to tip the jar upside down each time to grab the thing you want.

There are many other craft ideas out there which you can look up on apps like Pinterest! Be creative and get making some crafts! Another good idea is with your old booze bottles e.g. wine or whisky bottles, you can when empty and dry add in some fairy lights and create some boozey lights for around the home.


If you and your girl group are not one for crafts but you are one for pamper nights, then why not grab some nail polishes and get creative with nails! Have a little competition to see who can do the best or funniest nail look, this can be fun, especially if you have had a drink or two! You can mix it up with gel polishes too if any of you have a lamp. If not you can always grab some false glue on nails from the supermarket to still make your nails glam.

Fashion shows…

For a bit of fun you could do a little mini fashion show each. Grab your favourite outfit and strut your stuff down your bed or living room walkway. As we can’t go out and get glammed up you could at least get glam at home, just to see your glam gals with! Just remember that when your phone is on people can see you… so don’t get in the nuddy in front of them lol!


Obviously I love makeup, and if you have come to my blog, the likelihood is you also love makeup too! So why not do a makeup challenge!

Makeup challenges to try:

  • 3 minute makeup challenge – Get you and your gals to try and apply a face of makeup in 3 minutes and see who looks the best.
  • No mirror makeup challenge – Grab your brushes and your makeup but NOT your mirror! Good to have a laugh at each other when it all goes wrong.
  • Half and half makeup challenge – Each do half a face of makeup, it could be normal or creative, see what you all come up with and see how different each of you looks with and without makeup.
  • Full face of highlighter challenge – Grab ten tonne of highligher and plaster it all over your face. Contour with it, do eye shadow with, do blush with it, bronzer with it, lipstick with it… and so on.

So, there you have it, my Galentines day virtual get-together! 2020 was a pretty pants year for everyone, and although 2021 seems to be going that way to, we are all well prepared to change things up and make things better for ourseleves, our mental health and for the people we care about. If meeting up in person is a big no, no for the forseeable future, then at least we can meet up virtually and still have some fun!

So take care my Brushaflies, stay safe, have fun and enjoy your Galentines day. Speak soon xoxo

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