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Makeup obsession x Belle Jorden collection…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is about the makeup obsession x Belle Jorden collection which I purchased from the Revolution website.

So if you don’t know who Belle Jorden is then you must be living under a rock… Only joking my lovelies… But honestly if you don’t know who she is, she is a YouTuber that dabbles in grungy come gothic makeup looks, she also loves a good clothing haul or two, usually of the alternative clothing ranges. She is also a stunning woman covered in some of the most amazing tattoos ever. Which is actually the style of writing on the packaging design of her palette and lip gloss collection, it twists and spirals out like a gorgeous tattoo! The packaging is beautiful yet simple.

The eyeshadow palette is actually a new favourite of mine! I love eyeshadow palettes, and I buy quite a lot for my collection, so it can take a lot for me to get excited about a new one and properly fall in love with it. But this one is definitely one I will shout from the rooftops about. The pigment is there, they are bendable, build-able, soft and creamy and just apply so well. There is some kick back in the pan, which can be somewhat annoying as it can be messy but it doesn’t take away from what the eyeshadow shades can achieve on the eye, so I’m not mad about it. The matte shades are soft, and apply so well. The metallic, shimmer shades are stunning and apply with just a finger, which if you know me, is how I like my shimmer shades. If I have to damp down a brush I’m not happy about it but I will still use them, but these don’t need to be damped down at all, they are vibrant enough with out it. Each of the eyeshadow pans are magnetic too which means you can pop them out and rearrange them into a colour story you prefer, or put them into an empty magnetic palette and create your own palette with other loose shades to enjoy.

As you can see from my arm swatches, they are all gorgeous. And on the eye, they are stunning. Watch my YouTube tutorial here – Makeup obsession x Belle Jorden collection video

The shades names I adore too, they really resonate with me as a person. I know Belle chose them for her own personal reasons, but the names also connect with me.

  • Bear – was my beloved step dad’s nickname.
  • Sagittarius – is my star sign.
  • Magic – I love all things magic e.g. Charmed, The chilling adventures of sabrina…
  • Sassy – my mum had a cat called sassy

The eyeshadow shades I used on my eyes for the look in the pictures were:

  • 1706 – a gorgeous transition shade
  • 13 – a deep purple plum shade
  • Miami – a sweet metallic purple shade (the perfect shade for a witch mwhahahaha)
  • Glow baby – a beautiful inner corner highlight shade

As you can see, I really enjoyed the eyeshadow palette. But what about the lip gloss set?

So I do have to admit, I wasn’t as over the moon about the lip gloss set as I was about the eyeshadow palette.

All 3 are nude shades, which isn’t a problem other than the fact that they are very, very pale, so unless you can pull off a really pale lip they might not be for you. But maybe paired with a darker lip liner, it might look not so, washed out. The set when you buy it says they are glosses, but in fact they are a set of two matte liquid lipsticks and one gloss. Which isn’t a problem, but as the packaging states glosses I was expecting glosses.

Although I say I wasn’t as happy with them, they are not the worst I’ve ever owned, but they are not the best either. I will keep them and carrying on playing with them and if I change my mind I will you all know.

One thing I will add, the gloss did make my lips look bigger than what they are, so if you want a gloss to give you a lip job effect without the pain, then this could be good for you.

Overall I liked the collection as a whole, the eyeshadow palette a lot, the lip collection not so much, but I’m happy they are all in my collection.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post about this collection, if you did why not follow my blog and channel and keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty!!!

Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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