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Makeup book review – Vlogs, Tags and Hauls…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 The other week I blogged about how I wanted to start reviewing one makeup themed book a month, it was one of my goals on my blog for 2021. So, what better way to start it than with a book that contains info all about ‘Fashion, Beauty, lifestyle and other YouTubers’, so although it is about a lot of different YouTube niches, it does contain information about makeup and beauty YouTubers, so for me, it’s a win, win about the YouTubers I love and adore and potentially some from other niches that I have yet to discover.

I found this book on amazon last year and I think I paid £8.99 for it (that’s the price on the back lol 😁) I was bored and wanted a book to read about YouTubers, but I couldn’t find anything that grabbed my attention, then this cropped up! It immediately grabbed my attention because it includes many different niches but includes the ones I’m interested in. And for the price point I thought even if it was naff, I hadn’t broken the bank buying it… But… I was pleasantly surprised by it, it was actually a good book.

So its starts off by giving you and intro as to what YouTube is and when it began… 2005 was when the first vid was uploaded… Eeeeek man that was a long time ago, I mean, I was still at secondary school lol.

The first proper chapter is about fashion vlogging which of course goes good along side makeup and beauty vlogging. It has a lot of information about fashion vlogging, challenges you can do, tags to do, how to plan a haul and a look book and then goes on to show the top 10 fashion vloggers (of course when this book was written the top ten were correct at the time and things can change monthly, weekly and yearly, so take the top ten as you will, but there are some good ones to follow).

The second chapter is lifestyle, I don’t follow many lifestyle vloggers myself but it was good to see what lifestyle vloggers do. They do a mixture of things like D.I.Y, Life update videos, travel, home inspiration, style, advice… And much more. The book shows you many different things you can also do if you want to be a lifestyle vlogger and once again shows you the top ten lifestyle vloggers.

Music is the third chapter and its actually amazing to see which musicians began on YouTube and are now chart toppers. Once again you have the top ten music YouTubers.

Then we have book tubers, yes, people that review books on YouTube. My sister is a huge fan of book tubers and will quite often will buy a book (or a library) based on their recommendations. There are obviously different niches of books and themes and there are YouTubers for them all. Once again, you have the top ten.

Then comes my favourite, BEAUTY!!! I was so happy to reach this chapter of this book, because obviously beauty and makeup is my thing. It gives you a few makeup video ideas such as: monthly favourites, beauty tutorials, GRWM… And more. I found this section very interesting (don’t know why lol) and have used it to help me with my own beauty channel in places. It then does its usual top ten beauty YouTubers but also the best challenges to take part in if you too love makeup.

Next up is food and all things yummy!!! Once again a range of themes a niches and lots of yummy looking food and of course the top ten.

We then have travel which is something I would love to do and one day I would hope I can do more of. Egypt, Japan, America, Peru… Are all places I would love to visit… Maybe I should do a bucket list blog post and see one day if I ever get there. Once again you have the top ten in that category.

D.I.Y, this consists of tutorials, life hacks, skills, easy makes, crafts and tonnes of ideas to keep you going for a life time. Once again, there is that top ten.

The last youtube niche for this book is advice, because sometimes we need it, and we don’t always listen to the people closest to us, but we do listen to people on YouTube. Once again, there is that recurring top ten.

Lastly there is a little about the behind the scenes e.g. Filming space, lighting etc which is good valuable knowledge to know. Then a bit about YouTuber language which can sometimes be hard to understand.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, I found it very informative and useful for my own channel and I most definitely feel if you are planning your own channel but need some inspiration and ideas, then this is a good book for you and one you need in your collection.

If you wish to purchase this book then here is the link to its amazon page. This is not an affiliate link just a useful one – Vlogs, tags and hauls the book is by Studiopress and was written by Harriet Paul.

If you enjoyed this blog post then please follow my blog and keep up to date with all things makeup, Beauty and blogging. Take care and speak soon xoxo

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