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Where I look for makeup inspiration…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is about where I personally look for makeup inspiration when I am in a makeup look slump. It happens, we create so many gorgeous makeup looks on ourselves and others but then… BAM!!! We hit that creative wall and we can’t climb over it, dig under it or run around it. So what do I do… I make a door, knock on it and open it… Or, I look for other means of inspiration which is the door to creative new looks, knock politely by taking inspiration from that look but not fully copying it and and open it by feeling so much better that I created a fabulous new awesome look and got my creative mojo back.

Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to know where to look. So here are some of my favourite places to look for makeup inspiration…

  • 1) I usually start by going onto my favourite makeup purchasing websites. I look at their new in products and look at the creative images they have made to try and sell them to you and then if I have that product or a similar one, I then try to do it better. I create a look I feel could also sell that product.
  • 2) Bloggers. I love visiting other bloggers websites and looking through makeup looks they have made recently. If they look beautiful and gorgeous I will try to replicate the look but put my own twist on it. No one likes a copy cat.
  • 3) WordPress free library pictures – sometimes for my blog I don’t always have the right image for what it is I’m blogging about. So I look through the WordPress free library stock photos. Some of them are gorgeous and especially the makeup ones, they make me want to play with makeup again.
  • 4) Magazines – Are an obvious source of inspiration, they contain loads of creative images and makeup looks. You can look through either, magazines you can hold in your hands that you buy from a shop or online magazines. With hand held magazines I like to cut them up and make mood boards of all the makeup images I like.
  • 5) Instagram – This is the most obvious place, Instagram is full of images and photos of girls and guys applying perfect looking makeup looks. You can also use # Hashtags to find certain looks and or certain people.
  • 6) Books – Like magazines they contain images, lots of images especially if they are books dedicated to makeup. I love scrolling though amazon and going into Waterstones and looking at all the makeup and beauty books that I can add to my collection. Charity shops can also be great places to find second hand but useful makeup books. Plus I don’t feel too bad about defacing or cutting images out of a second hand book (sorry to all the book lovers out there)
  • 7) Pinterest – I always go here when I have exhausted all other avenues for inspiration, mostly because I kind of forget I have it on my phone lol. But when I do remember it is a great app to use. There are so many ways on Pinterest to find great makeup looks, you can just type in makeup looks, type in certain makeup themes, celebrity makeup looks… The works, Pinterest has loads.
  • 8) YouTube – As a makeup YouTuber myself, I love nothing more than creating looks and reviewing makeup products for others to see, but I also love watching others do makeup looks and review products too. YouTube is a never ending source of inspiration.

So there you have it, all the places I go to find inspiration when my makeup mojo is a flat. I hope these help you find your makeup mojo too when you have hit that makeup wall!

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