Makeup YouTube Video Ideas

Omg, I have more makeup and beauty YouTube video ideas…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua πŸ¦‹ Today’s blog post is another one to add to my makeup and beauty YouTube video ideas… I just keep coming up with them lol, or whilst I’m watching other makeup and beauty YouTubers, I see them do something and think, wow, that is a great idea! So here are some more fabulous ideas for if you get stuck in a makeup and beauty YouTube video rut!!!

  • 1) Brands that don’t live up to the hype
  • 2) If I could only keep 10 lipsticks
  • 3) If I could only keep 10 liquid lipsticks
  • 4) If I could only keep 10 lipglosses
  • 5) If I could only keep x amount of Bronzers, Blushers, highlighters etc
  • 6) My dream makeup shopping street – draw a street and put all your favourite makeup brands in it
  • 7) How to create your own lipstick holder for your makeup table
  • 8) Reasons I love to buy makeup online
  • 9) Reasons I love to buy makeup from a high street store
  • 10) Luxury vs Drugstore makeup FAQ’s
  • 11) Eyeshadow palettes I have never used that are in my collection
  • 12) Pan that palette – A bit like project pan but just with an eyeshadow palette or a face palette
  • 13) Trying on lipsticks I’ve been to scared to wear – Either because of the colour, the value, if they are a collectors item etc
  • 14) Trying on makeup products I’ve been too scared to wear
  • 15) 5 look review – Use a palette and show off 5 different looks with it
  • 16) 10 look review
  • 17) Makeup inventory – Going through your whole makeup collection and writing it down in an inventory so you know what you have
  • 18) My must have tools of the trade – can be makeup brushes, makeup products, etc
  • 19) Top tips to growing your YouTube brand
  • 20) Top tips to grow blog and or YouTube traffic
  • 21) What does the words Makeup Artist mean to you
  • 22) What do the words Makeup YouTuber mean to you
  • 23) What do the words Makeup blogger mean to you
  • 24) Share your social media – so people can follow you everywhere
  • 25) Massage your way to better and healthy looking skin
  • 26) How you get motivated to do makeup
  • 27) How makeup helps me relax
  • 28) A hot topic discussion – is there something crazy going on in the makeup world, why not chat about it
  • 29) Artificial intelligence makeup models – Your opinion on this
  • 30) Your favourite online makeup stores success stories
  • 31) Where I look for makeup and beauty inspiration
  • 32) How to spot and buy a viral makeup item
  • 33) Be aware of your makeup shopping impacts – e.g. Packaging going into landfill etc
  • 34) Ways to purchase more makeup more ethically
  • 35) Makeup sale shopping tips
  • 36) What to do with your unopened makeup items
  • 37) What to do with your used makeup items
  • 38) Best places to buy makeup dupes (not fakes)
  • 39) The makeup blogging evolution
  • 40) The makeup YouTuber evolution
  • 41) The best makeup and beauty hash tags to use
  • 42) Best brands to follow on social media
  • 43) Makeup, the good, the bad and the ugly side of it all
  • 44) The makeup and beauty haul obsession – how it has become a huge obsession for people to watch
  • 45) Where to binge on makeup and beauty hauls – either people you like to watch, or where to buy the best makeup
  • 46) If you owned your own makeup store, what would it look like and what would it have? Would it be your own makeup brand or would you sell the brands you love and adore
  • 47) If you designed your own makeup brand, what would it be and what products would you include?
  • 48) Bertie Botts every flavour beans Chooses my eyeshadow make up challenge
  • 49) Drugstore vs high-end, who wins?
  • 50) A makeup YouTubers makeup vs another makeup YouTubers makeup for example –
  • Kylie cosmetics vs Jeffree Star
  • Jeffree Star cosmetics vs Tati Beauty
  • Tati Beauty vs Kylie cosmetics
  • KKW vs Kylie cosmetics
  • Jeffree Star cosmetics vs morphe
  • Kylie cosmetics vs colourpop
  • And so on… This would be great to see whose formula is truly the best. Maybe you could have an ultimate winner at the end of the Vs series lol.

So there you have it, 50 more Makeup and beauty YouTube video ideas… That’s 200 in total!!! Wowsers. I hope all my video ideas help you, I know what it is like to run low on ideas. If you have any ideas that I have missed, comment them down below so I can add them into another blog to help others.

If you enjoyed this blog post then please follow my blog and keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty. Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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