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What the words Makeup Artist mean to me…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is a discussion about what the words Makeup Artist mean to me… If you like this type of blog post, why not join in with me, in the comments below and tell me what you think Makeup Artist means to you! I would love to hear your take on this!

So, what do the words Makeup Artist mean to me?

  • M – Is for Makeup! Obviously this one is for makeup because a makeup artist wouldn’t be a makeup artist without makeup right! Makeup for a makeup artist is life, most makeup artists love makeup and collect it, creating a huge and gorgeous makeup collection.
  • A – Is for Artistic! It seems to be that to be a makeup artist you need to be creative and artistic, you don’t need to be able to draw like Da Vinci or anything, but you need to like playing with makeup and seeing what looks you can create with it. Some people do use their faces as a canvas and draw beautiful pictures… Artistic and creativity come hand in hand.
  • K – Is for Knowledgeable! To be able to apply beautiful and creative makeup looks, you need to have the knowledge on how to do that. You need to know how to apply foundation properly and how to create that great flawless base for the foundation to sit on. You need to know which eye primer works best for your eyes and eyeshadows, you need to know how to apply concealer so it doesn’t crease under the eyes etc etc… There is so much to learn I cannot list it all here. The best way to be Knowledgeable is to read all the makeup and beauty books you can, maybe do a few online makeup and beauty courses (obviously COVID-19 is making it difficult for face to face courses so online is the way forward) and of course, good old YouTube can teach you a few things.
  • E – Is for Energetic! Now I’m not talking about exercising energetic energy although you can if that’s your thing. But I mean be energetic in your creative flare, swoosh that powder brush around like a magic wand with magical fairy dust on the end of it. Put your whole heart and soul and energy into your work.
  • U – Is for Unexpected! Be yourself, think outside the box, be unexpected. Use that red lipgloss for a glossy red eye look if you want, use that bronzer, blusher and highlighter face palette for eyeshadow, use eyeshadow as a makeshift lipstick with a splash of clear gloss over the top. In other words, ‘You do you, babe’.
  • P – Is for Patience! To create some of the best and detailed work you need patience. Some looks can take hours to create just for a few minutes of photography. But they are so worth doing and can help show off your creative mind. But patience is needed, you don’t want to rush a work of art.
  • A – Is for A-Team! Ok so not quite a solid word as such, but being a makeup artist can involve being on your own as a solo makeup artist, which means you are essentially your own team. Or you may work as a team with a group of other skilled people such as: Photographers, Hairdressers, Fashion editors, wardrobe stylists and assistants… So become your own great team, but also make sure you’re able to work in A-team too.
  • R – Is for Religion! Now I’m not taking the micky out of religions, they play a huge part in people’s lives. But makeup in itself sort of becomes life, it can become a makeup religion in itself. Just watch any makeup YouTuber and at some point they will tell you how makeup consumes their daily life and becomes their sort of – Religion.
  • T – Is for Training! A makeup artist never stops learning their craft. Training is almost a yearly thing, whether it be a new technique, a new colour story or a new brand to use. You can never stop learning when it comes to makeup artistry.
  • I – Is for Imagination! Imagination is definitely something a makeup artist needs. Not only to create looks, but to be able to see it before it is on your face or on a clients face. If you can foresee it in some shape or form, it can help you create your finished look. Imaginative looks can also help to get your looks noticed in the makeup world. Boring looks are not the way forward.
  • S – Is for Sensible! Makeup artists need to be sensible with their tools and makeup collections. Number one – cleanliness is a huge deal, with covid and germs, makeup artists now more than ever need to be sensible and keep their kit and equipment clean and sanitised, before and after every use between clients they need to be cleaned and sanitised to prevent any cross contamination. Number two – they need to be sensible about what to carry in their kit. Take too much and you risk breaking your back, but take too little and you risk not having enough to complete desired looks. Usually if you work with a client, brand, company, magazine and or a photographer, they will give you details on the type of look wanted, so you can prepare your kit accordingly. If not, then do your research and find out. My motto is, better too much than too little, but palettes that can create multiple looks are a winner in my kit. And quality over quantity is definitely a real thing!
  • T – Is for the Tube… As in You – Tube! In this modern pandemic world doing clients faces is very hard to do with lockdown and fines etc. So many people like myself have turned to YouTube, to put our love of makeup on the biggest sharing platform ever!!! This at least means we can keep our skills up by doing it on our own faces, and at least teaching others how to do it when we can’t do it for them.

So there you have it, what I feel the words Makeup Artist truly mean to me!

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