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Rules of blogging pt 5…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is another one to add to my blogging mini series, ‘Rules of blogging’ and today is part 5! If you wish to read parts 1 – 4 then here are the links –

Today’s Rules for blogging are – Top Tips on how to grow your blog, brand and following…

Growing a following for any form of social media is hard, especially now a days with there being so many things to choose from from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram to Tiktok… There is just so much choice and too little time. But when you include blogging too, well omg its a minefield right? Wrong! Have no fear… Brushafly Mua is here with some tips that will help you along your blogging journey.

  • Embrace social media – So my first tip is to embrace good old social media. Don’t be scared of it, use it to your own personal advantage, make it work for you! Some people are adamant that they don’t want to use social media, that it is the devil incarnate… But in these modern times you need to move along with the times. If you don’t utilise social media and have it work for you, then your rival or competitors will.
  • Pitch yourself to the people that need to hear it – In this day an age there is a lot of noise from people all wanting the same thing as you, to be a successful blogger!!! But one thing you need to learn quick is to, ever so slightly, learn to toot your own trumpet! Tell people why they should visit your blog, why they should listen to you or read what it is you have to say. On your about me page include everything to get people hooked on you, such as:
  • Qualifications – People listen more and pay more attention if they think you know what it is your talking about
  • Research you have done – If you have no qualifications then tell them about all the research you have done to be as knowledgeable as you are
  • Photos of things you have done – if like me you love makeup, then show people how good at it you are with photos. Create a portfolio page on your blog so people can drop in and see, and therefore they can see your skills and your worth… Don’t be scared, tell them all what you are good at. Not only does tooting your own horn make others see your potential, it can make you see your own potential too… Which is a good thing to reflect on every so often.
  • Keep up to date – Make sure to keep all your websites, email addresses, social media bios, blog posts, about me pages and even YouTube channels up to date. Not only does this look more professional because you have kept it looking good, fresh and up to date. People will be able to find you easier, so if a potential brand or company wishes to work with you, your up to date information will help them to do that.
  • Get Testimonials for your blog – I said about tooting your own horn sometimes, well how about getting someone else to do it for you? Has someone really enjoyed your content? Show off their comments as testimonials for your good work! Do you sell products from your blog? Then get a happy customer to write a raving testimonial about it. These things all help to get you noticed and for people to trust you. Trust is key! If people can’t trust you and your word, then why should they come back?
  • Take action – be in charge – Take action by grabbing social media by the horns and creating all the social media pages you need… e.g – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest etc. Be in charge by keeping these pages and accounts active, get people interested in them. Don’t open them up and then never use them. Remember, utilise social media for all you can get.
  • Network – Connect with like minded people who enjoy the same topics as you. Try and go to events (when COVID-19 does one) and mingle, take pictures, write blog posts about the events, hand out business cards, see if others what to do a guest blog post for your blog and vice versa. Be active in the blog community to help get your voice heard.

So there you have it, my top tips to grow your blog, brand and following… All these things take time, but by taking these steps, you ensure you give yourself a fighting chance at being successful and have a good following with what you love to do.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post about my Blogging Rules… If you did why not give me a follow so you are kept up to date with me, my blog and all things makeup and beauty. Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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