Makeup YouTube Video Ideas

Even more Makeup and beauty YouTube video ideas… Another 50 to be precise…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is another one to help you guys if you get in a makeup and beauty YouTube video rut. On my two previous posts about this I have 100 video ideas… But I’m back… With even more… 50 more to be precise. So get your note book at the ready and jot down those ideas…

  • 1) How to Apply gel nail colour
  • 2) How to Apply Glue on false nails
  • 3) How to use a nail UV lamp properly
  • 4) Showcase your whole makeup collection
  • 5) Remake an old video to see how far you have come with your skills
  • 6) Tiktok Skincare Hacks
  • 7) Was that haul worth it? Revisit an old makeup haul and chat about if it was worth it or not. Hailey O from the Beauty news girls does these videos
  • 8) Swatch that lipstick – Do a short video on one lipstick that people may want you to try before they buy
  • 9) PR and Purchased makeup unboxing
  • 10) Makeup book haul
  • 11) Makeup book review
  • 12) Sims makeup looks (yes from the video game)
  • 13) Your favourite stationery for planning your YouTube videos
  • 14) Christmas makeup tutorials
  • 15) Reacting to ‘old’ makeup YouTubers videos
  • 16) YouTube video and blog ideas – you might as well use this to your advantage lol
  • 17) Top 10 makeup gift ideas
  • 18) Top 10 Valentines makeup gift ideas
  • 19) Top 10 Christmas makeup gift ideas
  • 20) Top 10 mothers day makeup gift ideas
  • 21) How to create your own makeup and beauty YouTube channel
  • 22) How to create your own makeup and beauty blog
  • 23) Candle collection – if you like candles that is (home-ware is becoming part of Beauty, just look at Revolution and KKW)
  • 24) Spa in a jar – make a gift with a jar and small makeup and beauty items
  • 25) My favourite makeup and beauty YouTubers
  • 26) My old makeup table look vs my new makeup table look
  • 27) My makeup box for use on clients (if you are an mua)
  • 28) Eyeshadow palette check e.g oldest palette vs newest, most used vs least used, favourite packaging vs not favourite packaging, etc
  • 29) My favourite apps on my phone – people like to see what it is you personally like to use
  • 30) Advice on how to make a successful YouTube channel
  • 31) What’s the tea – your view on cancel culture
  • 32) YouTuber language and what it means
  • 33) What lipstick you are based on your star sign
  • 34) What lipstick you are based on your favourite alcoholic drink
  • 35) Best liquid lipsticks to wear with a face mask
  • 36) National lipstick day – yes there really is one – July 29th 2021
  • 37) Eyeshadow palette collection
  • 38) Your lipstick collection
  • 39) Highlighter collection
  • 40) Blush Collection
  • 41) Bronzer collection
  • 42) Has COVID-19 killed lipstick?
  • 43) How to create an ombre lip
  • 44) How to create a biro lip look
  • 45) Festival makeup tutorial
  • 46) Cleaning your makeup table
  • 47) If I could only keep 10 eyeshadow palettes
  • 48) How to create a metallic lip drip
  • 49) How to go from a matte lip, to a glossy lip, to a glitter lip
  • 50) 1 week, 1 palette – Kat from the beauty news girls does a look every day for 1 week with 1 eyeshadow palette. I really enjoy seeing what it is she comes up with and would love to see others try this too

So there you have it, 50 more Makeup and beauty YouTube video ideas. That’s 150 in total I have come up with for not only myself but you guys too. If you want to check out my previous two posts then here are the links – 1st 50 ideas2nd 50 ideas

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, if you do please follow my blog to keep up to date with all things makeup and beauty 🦋 so take care and speak soon xoxo

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