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Testing out some XX Revolution products…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 Today’s blog post is about me testing out some XX Revolution products that I got in the XX Revolution Christmas gift set ‘Live to the xxcess’…

The gift set was gorgeous and came with loads of products – see my blog post here of me unboxing it and my YouTube video – My unboxing blog postDecember makeup haul 🦋 but for today’s look and blog post I chose 3 of the products from the set to use. The gift set actually came with so much I have enough products to test out on two separate occasions!!! So, I guess you could call this part 1, and in part 1, the products I used were:

  • The Jealousy eyeshadow palette
  • The shatter Zero Focus lip gloss
  • And the xxact lavender eye liner

This is the overall makeup look I managed to create with these products, but as you can see from my first image, they might not be my favourite products ever!

Let’s start with the 9 pan Jealousy eyeshadow palette and whilst it is cute and does make a sweet eye look, its not for many other eyeshadow palettes to be that ‘jealous’ about. The shades are in fact cute and mostly pastel-esk, although some look like they should be brighter than others. The dark pink especially looks darker in the pan and as a swatch than it does on the eye. I also found although they have pigment they can be somewhat hard to build. The formula feels chalky, which I’m not used to with the Revolution brand, usually they are soft and creamy and to die for. Although it has some downsides to it, its not a horrendous palette and its not the worst I have tried, and it is usable if you like pastel looks. So it is one I will keep in my collection but not one I will reach for on the daily, it will be for when I want a certain eye look. On the plus side, my husband did mention that my eye makeup looked pretty and he liked the look. If I had to rate this maybe out of a 10, it would be a 7.

The next product was the xxact Lavender eye liner and well… It was pants!!! For me, I feel Lavender is going to be a hot colour for 2021, but this was more stalk than petal where it comes to the actual flower name. The pigment was lack lustre and doesn’t even appear in the water line. Even drawing on the hand and arm its a let down. The formula looks creamy but the colour is just not there. I might have to try the other colours to see how they work but for now, I’m not a fan.

Lastly was one of the shatter lipglosses, in Zero Focus. The colour looks cute in the packaging, a cool, pretty pinky lavender, but once again this was a let down. Although it gave a glossy shine to my lips, it was more of a clear gloss with a small tone of purple in it but what I really didn’t like was the taste… It was like old school gym mats taste… You know what I mean… It was gross. The formula was quite sticky compared to other Revolution glosses in my collection, but the smell just made me gag. Not for me!

So although I liked the eyeshadow somewhat, the other two products really let this brand down. I usually love and adore Revolution but these just did not float my boat. I do have more to test, so fingers crossed they will give me some better results than these. So keep an eye out for when I review those.

So I’m ending with my start image just to reiterate that I’m not happy with most of these products. But, there’s always more makeup to test and fall in love with.

That’s me done for today my little Brushaflies, I hope you enjoyed my blog post. If you did why not follow my blog, it would mean the world to me if you did 🌍 well, take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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