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My Strengths as a makeup artist and makeup YouTuber…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 and today’s topic for discussion is – Strengths as a makeup artist and makeup YouTuber…

So, this might seem a little bit like a bragging post, and it kind of is but kind of isn’t. One thing I have learnt lately is that to be successful in the things you love in life and you want to achieve good things in, you kind of have to learn to blow your own trumpet a little. Now, I don’t mean walking around with a T-Shirt claiming your the best MUA in town (Mua = Makeup Artist) or a Tattoo saying best makeup YouTuber walking lol. I mean, just enough to remind yourself at what your good at, why your good at it, why you love it and why people should love you for it. I find this especially helps when your having a down day, a… Why am I bothering with this kind of day, the people don’t want to see me, so why should I bother kind of day! We all get those days and when we do, it blows and makes us feel like crap or like giving up! But don’t do that!!! Instead, write down all the good things about you, what you want to do, and how your good at it! Reflect on it all… Create a list and sit back and smile, and know your strengths! This post is obviously aimed at makeup artists and makeup YouTubers, but if you stumble upon this by chance, then you can do it too 🦋

To show you guys how to do it, I’ll obviously have to write down my own personal strengths as an mua and makeup YouTuber 🦋 take inspiration from mine and create your own list. Remember, everyone has strengths and weaknesses in all that they do in life, but think of the positives… No negativity here please.

My Strengths as an Mua and Makeup YouTuber…

  • Creative – I’m very creative as a person, I can’t go at least a week without wanting to create a cute eye look, lipstick look, writing a blog post, writing towards a book, film a makeup video, create some sort of new crafty storage for my makeup table, do something creative with the kids or even decorate something in my house! Creativity is in my blood… With my makeup skills I love learning new techniques and experimenting with different eye shadow palettes and colours. Eyeshadow is definitely my thing! And with being a makeup YouTuber I take all my creativity and put it in my videos to show you guys and use it to expand my editing skills.
  • Eyeshadow – Like I just said, for me eyeshadow is my thing, I love buying and playing with new eyeshadow palettes. I think the most amount of makeup products I own are eyeshadows and lipsticks lol. I love applying eyeshadow, blending eyeshadow, cut creases, smokey eyes, halo eyes, ombre eyes… You name it for eyeshadow, I love it. So for me, I find with my makeup skills, eyeshadow is definitely one of my strengths.
  • Face paint makeup – I consider this a strength of mine but only on my own face lol. I like experimenting with weird and wonderful looks, and I love watching BBC 3’s Glow up and going along with their challenges to create awesome looks. Especially if they have cool and special meanings behind them. I love using colour and different materials to help create my looks. I have been known to use Rose thorns before…
  • Mascara application – One of my pet hates are false lashes… They look great on everyone else, but I lack the patience to apply them to my own eyes. But I have dedicated time to learning the art of mascara application on my own lashes, and I can now create cute, thick and some what false looking lashes with some swipes of a mascara wand.
  • Organising my makeup table – I have a small home, there’s nothing wrong with it, I love my little house, but we don’t have tonnes of storage. So I have become good at reorganising, tidying and cleaning my makeup space to make it the best it can be. I can also be quite harsh when I need to de-clutter, for example if I have an eyeshadow palette that wasn’t great, I don’t reach for or is not my jam, I will pass it on or recycle it. I’m not Marie Kondo, but I can be ruthless when needed. My makeup space and table are in mine and my husbands bedroom, we don’t have a spare room I can use, so we sectioned off a section just for me and my makeup. So it can look small and cluttered but organised and clean.
  • Keeping my makeup clean and sterile – My makeup for my own personal use is all around and on my makeup table but obviously clean. Makeup I use for clients is in a makeup carrier box my mum end step dad got me for Christmas the other year. I make sure to keep it separate so there is no cross contamination (although thanks to COVID-19 I don’t do clients at the moment and haven’t for a while) but when I do, I make sure my makeup is clean and my tools are sterile. Anti-bac wipes are life at the moment. I also like to stock up on disposable mascara wands, lip applicators and blotting papers. I also keep a sterile spray handy and spray my brush handles before and after each use and use a brush cleaner for the bristles before and after each use. It all helps in the fight against germs!
  • Honest Reviews – Another strength of mine especially for my channel and blog is… My honest reviews! I like to be completely honest about the products I buy and try, if I love them I will shout about them from the roof tops, and on the other hand, if I don’t love them, I will most certainly tell you! Honesty on your channel and or blog is a must to grow trust with followers, viewers and subscribers. It also works well with being an MUA too. Being honest with a client is essential too, if you want them to trust you, your opinion on a makeup look for them… Then honesty is a must!
  • Thinking outside the box – Being an Mua and a makeup YouTuber, means that sometimes to create a certain look, you need to think outside the box to create it. Say you want to add non makeup items to your face but you don’t own much SPX (Special Effects) Makeup… Eye lash glue comes in handy to apply Rose thorns, zippers, buttons, petals… Anything you can think of. If I want a liquid colour but I don’t own it, I know I can crumble an eyeshadow that is the right colour with a spoolie onto a flat lid of an eyeshadow palette and mix it with a setting spray to create a liquid colour to use. You can also turn eyeshadows into lipsticks too, just use a clear gloss and dab some eyeshadow powder over the top and Ta-da, you have a unique lipstick colour and look. You can also create fake blood with some vaseline and a red lipstick but be warned, it gets hella messy.

The picture above is a drawing my daughter created and wanted me to turn into a makeup look. Next to it is my M.A.C eL Seed palette with some liquid colour I created. Below is the actual finished makeup look.

So there you have it, all what I consider to be my Strengths as an Mua and makeup YouTuber. I probably have more hidden away that I didn’t think about but that can be for another down day when I need a pick me up.

What are your strengths? Let me know below. I hope you enjoyed my blog post and if you did, why not follow my blog and keep up to date with all things me and makeup.

So, that I guess is it for today, so take care my Brushaflies, stay safe and speak soon xoxo

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