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My Chandelier and bloody hand print makeup look explained…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua šŸ¦‹

The picture above is of a makeup look I designed for one of the BBC 3 Glow up makeup challenges by Val Garland back in 2019! It was my first year of ever really doing and getting into makeup, to be honest I was just starting to spread my makeup artist wings. The challenge was something like, base a makeup look on your favourite song or musical artist.

Now I know you might be looking at mine and be thinking ‘How the hell is a bloody hand print and a chandelier connected by music’… Well let me tell you šŸŽ¶

So, my favourite musical artist is Sia and her album 1,000 forms of fear is my all time favourite! It has some special meanings to me, that only I really understand and know. The song ‘Chandelier’ is obviously why I drew a golden and jeweled like chandelier on my face lol, because that one is my most favourite song from that album. But I bet your thinking, ‘that doesn’t explain the bloody hand print’… Well for me it totally does.

Its because of this book… My book that I wrote. And I only listened to Sia’s album 1,000 forms of fear whilst writing it. The song Chandelier is, I would say, the opening song to my book. So when I write, I kind of see a film of it in my minds eye, and the opening chapter was this song.

The book itself and its two sequels are Zombie Horror books set in the United Kingdom, mostly East Sussex, Kent, London, and abroad (You’d have to read it to find out where and why… No spoilers here my lovelies). And it follows the life of Stacie who lives in a world taken over by zombies (isn’t that always the case?) but later on in the series, there could be a potential Brexit twist, yes you read that right, Brexit! But the hand print signifies the zombies from that book.

So you can see how it all ties in together, the chandelier and the bloody hand print. They are both a part of me.

I hope you liked this little blog post, and you can see and learn more about me, my makeup, my books and my taste in music. There will probably be many more like this where I do weird and wonderful makeup looks for various reasons. But I hope you enjoy them.

If you wish to find out more about my book Alone and its sequels then here is my link to amazon – My book Alone once again this is not an affiliate link but my own to my own book. Obviously if you do purchase a copy you would be helping me out a great deal, but don’t feel obliged too. Just have a look and see what you think ā¤ļø

Take care my Brushaflies, stay safe and speak soon xoxo

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