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Obstacles and fears in the makeup YouTube world and how to overcome them…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua šŸ¦‹ Today’s blog post is a discussion on Obstacles and fears in the makeup YouTube world and how to overcome them!

YouTube is most definitely a universe upon itself, not just for makeup, but makeup is my theme so I will talk about YouTube and makeup as one.

When I first started doing my own channel I was oblivious to some of the nasty things that can happen across YouTube and Social media alike. But I soon came across the foul mouth of trolls, which can really put a dampener on your experience as a whole. But there are ways to deal with them! But trolls and online nasties are not the only thing that can put the fear of the makeup gods into you. Many factors can come a crop and make you feel like giving up or not carrying on. But fear is a normal human emotion, and one you can overcome.

Here are a list a fears you may come across and my tips on how to overcome them…

  • Trolls – These are the main reason people give up on YouTube and social media. They are jealous and sad people who have nothing else better to do than spew hateful comments to make you feel bad and worthless. But all you have to remember is, words are just words! And you are better than them, don’t stoop down to their level by biting back, because that is what they want. More than likely if you ignore them, they will get bored and skulk back under their bridge waiting for their next victim. If you bite, they will know you will give them some attention and keep coming back for more! The only time you need to maybe take further action is if you ever get death threats or you feel threatened. Then it might be wise to take it to the appropriate authorities, take it up with YouTube, other social media platforms it may be happening on and the police if necessary. Remember your safety is important and no one should make you feel threatened. But ultimately, a little trolling is usually nothing to get het up about.
  • Money – Now, you don’t need extortionate amounts of money to start your own YouTube channel. All you really need is a camera or a phone with a camera that can record and film videos. Internet access either via phone and wifi or on a pc and wifi (you can use mobile data for uploading videos but it will eat up your data usage and take an age to load). A niche (a subject to film about) and things associated with that niche. My niche is makeup, and although I do own a lot (it has taken me years to grow my collection) but you don’t need a lot of money to startup. Use makeup you already have to begin with, use your skills and show people how to hone theirs. Your collection will grow as your channel grows. Many people fear that if they don’t have a lot of money, they cannot do it. But it’s totally not true. You also don’t need to bankrupt yourself by buying things for your channel, don’t feel you need to buy every single new makeup release going! Because you don’t, just buy what you are interested in and like, and review those things. But just creating great makeup looks with what you own is best at first until your channel grows.
  • Self confidence – A lot of people want to start a channel but don’t due to self doubt and a lack of self confidence. But believe me, you don’t need tonnes of self confidence, hell to it I know I don’t. But you can fake it on camera! Film a few random dummy run videos that you won’t feel pressured to upload, practice talking and interacting with the camera. Some times the feeling of self doubt is due to feeling silly talking to an empty room with just a camera, but if you are like me, quite ‘Introverted’, than it could actually be quite fun. A lot of people also comment on how they fear no one will watch it, no one will enjoy it etc… But maybe at the start you shouldn’t be doing it for anyone else but you! Once you feel confident in what you are doing people will notice and enjoy your content. Which is why I recommend a couple of dummy videos that you don’t need to upload. Honestly it helps, because you will know how to speak, where to look, if the lighting is right…
  • Technology – Some people find technology hard to grasp, and fear they can’t do all what they want with a YouTube channel because of that. But let me tell you, its not as hard as you think. YouTube funnily enough can be a great help when trying to figure out the technical side of having a channel. They have helpful guides on your desktop dashboard but also if you type into YouTube what you are struggling with, there are bound to be videos already and waiting for you to watch on your chosen problem. When it comes to the editing side of the video, bring back your dummy run video and have a play around with that. There are many apps to use to edit YouTube videos, some are free and some you pay for. You just need to find one that works for you. Personally I like to use:
  • Power Director
  • YouCut
  • Both of these I can use on my phone so I don’t even need a PC to edit on! Which just shows you don’t need all the latest gadgets and computers to be able to make and have a YouTube channel.

So there you have it, a few fears and obstacles people can feel over having a YouTube channel and especially a makeup one. If you know of any others feel free to comment them and I will add them in another blog post discussion. Well, take care my Brushaflies, stay safe and speak soon xoxo

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