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Revolution x friends lipgloss collection…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 today’s blog post is about the Revolution x friends lipgloss collection.

So, there are six of these huge, gorgeous and totally friends lipglosses in the Revolution x friends lipgloss collection. You have one for each Friends main cast:

  • Rachel – Is a gorgeous clear gloss, which might not seem that exciting because it is just a clear gloss, but for me, a lipgloss collection would not be complete without one. Why? Well it goes with anything, any makeup look, any clothing look, and if you don’t feel like a real pigmented colourful gloss, you can just swipe on the clear one. Plus, if you have any matte liquid lipsticks, then a clear gloss can turn it from a flat matte, to a vibrant gloss. Just remember, if you start layering it over lipsticks, you may taint the clear gloss.
  • Phoebe – Is a fabulous deep red wine shade. It’s not for the fainthearted but is actually quite a nice shade once you get used to it. Not one I’d personally wear a lot, but if I want a vibrant shade, this will be one I’ll turn to.
  • Monica – Is my favourite, it is a beautiful neutral mauve with glittery specs throughout it. I love the glow it gives off. Its absolutely stunning.
  • Chandler – This is a coral toned nude shade, which is quite pale pink when on the lips. This one was my least favourite shade, but at the same time is not one of the worst I’ve ever had in a gloss.
  • Joey – On the website they call it a brown toned nude, I would say its more of a mauve toned nude. Whilst quite a pale shade, I did actually really like this one.
  • Ross – This is a super wow shocking pink shade. It is rather bright but on the lips it looks cute and glam.

I actually really enjoy these lipglosses, the formula is beautiful and very silky smooth, they are obviously sticky as they are a gloss, but they are comfortably sticky. The colours are also very (VERY) pigmented which I usually struggle to find in a gloss, but not these, they are amazingly pigmented. They do have a scent which if your not keen on scents in makeup then this might not be for you but if you don’t mind a scent, then these are great! The scent is of coconut which I found very appealing, I really enjoyed the smell. It did stick around for a while but did soon vanish after wearing a while.

The packaging is super fun and cute and soooo friends.

  • Rachel – Has the Central Perk logo from the famous coffee shop the friends hang out at
  • Phoebe – Has that Iconic lobster
  • Monica – Has the frame around the door peephole which has been used a lot across the Revolution x friends range, but suits the collection well
  • Chandler – Has the chicken wearing sunglasses haha
  • Joey – Has a subway like sandwich on it
  • Ross – Has the cute little monkeys all over it

Excuse the silly face haha 😁

I think these are super great for their value for money, they are only £6 each which for the size (They are huge) and quality and packaging is sooooo good. I definitely think you need these in your life if you:

  • Love makeup
  • Love friends
  • Love Revolution
  • Love lipglosses

If you don’t love any of the above, then you probably don’t need them in your life, but I adore them!!!

If you think you would too, then here is the link to the Revolution website (it’s not an affiliate link – just one I think you may find useful) Revolution x friends lipgloss collection link

I hope you enjoyed my blog post about the Revolution x friends lipgloss collection, if you did, why not check out my YouTube channel where I will be doing a video review very soon Brushafly Mua YouTube channel and why not follow my blog. If you love makeup and blogging then this is totally the place to be 🦋

Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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