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Makeup Revisit – Clarins x In the Frow…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋

I was looking through all the photos on my phone and came across a set I purchased back in May 2019, it was the Clarins x In the Frow collection. If you don’t know who In the Frow is, it is a wonderful lady called Victoria Magrath who runs a blog and vlog called… You guessed it, In the Frow. She is mostly a fashion blogger and vlogger, but she does dabble in the realm of makeup quite often, especially more higher end makeup and beauty. I have followed her for quite a few years now and have tried to purchase the products when she does a collaboration with a brand. Just because I know the products she Chooses will be well worth the purchase because I trust her word and product reviews. One such collab was this Clarins x In the Frow.

As you can see in the picture you got a gorgeous bag which has the name, Clarins x In the Frow on it. To get the bag you had to buy 2 full sized products. And inside the bag you also got 3 generous travel minis. Now it was a while ago I got mine, but I remember loving the products immensely. One of the products I have only just finished up, was the My Clarins Beauty mist, which just reminds me of summer and lasts a long, long time. I also got a few other products, I got a lip oil, a facial exfoliating scrub, a sun cream and a facial moisturiser. All of which I might add got used up straight away on holiday. (I so cannot wait till we can start holidaying again)

Now, the bag that came with it was really good quality, it was strong sturdy bag which is still going strong now. I tend to use it more in the warmer summer months, just because it is a gorgeous summer time bag, it literally just screams holiday season. It has been on holiday with me to centre parcs and was such a great holiday bag. It really did go well with the warm weather and exploring. The only downside is it doesn’t have a zipper or a button or some sort of secure pocket inside to keep valuables in such as your purse, phone and or keys etc. But it is only meant to be a beach style bag.

Not only did I like taking the bag on holiday with me, I also liked taking Victoria Magrath’s book too – The New fashion rules book by Victoria Magrath don’t they just team up together so well. It makes for a great tag team photo 😁

Was the collection worth buying? Do I regret my purchase? Would I buy something like that again?

This collection was most definitely worth buying, not only for the fact that ‘In the Frow’ was involved with it, but also because Clarins do some damn amazing products. They are a little on the higher end priced side of things but they are great products that last long and work well. I most definitely do NOT regret my purchase at all and I would purchase something similar to this again (baring in mind I have the money of course lol) but yes, if In the Frow teamed up with Clarins again I would buy it.

I like doing things like this where I look back at makeup and beauty purchases I made a year or so ago and seeing whether I still like them and if I still use them. If you like this type of blog post then comment below so I know to write more like this in the future.

That’s this blog post done, so I hope you all stay safe my little Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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