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Up-cycling old pillows and makeup event tote bags into scatter cushions…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 I hope once again you are all keeping well 😘

As we are in lockdown and there could be plans for a harsher lockdown in the weeks to come, it is now more than ever the right time to find things around the home to keep you occupied. One thing I have found useful to do during these pressing times to keep my mind occupied and void of boredom is to up-cycle some things around my home. And this weeks victims… I mean this weeks items were… My old bed pillows (because I have purchased some fresh new ones that are plumper and more squishy for bed time) and some old tote bags that I got from a couple of makeup events back in 2019.

So the tote bags in question are:

  • A Milk makeup x Cult beauty tote bag in black which I got from an event up in London. I won a ticket to be one of so many people to get to buy milk makeup before anyone else in the country. I had a ticket which meant I could skip the queue and walk straight in to buy some goodies. Here are some pictures of that incredible day! I also got to meet Lottie Winter who is a beauty Journalist for British Glamour Magazine.
  • The other bag was a light beige borderline white from the 2019 Glamour beauty festival in association with Boots. This has to be one of the best events I have ever been to! It was amazing, there were makeup tutorials, nail manicures and polish bars, celebrities, makeup and skincare to buy, hairdressers that would plait your hair and spray funky colours into it… There was sooooo much to see and do. I went to one of the celebrity talks with Victoria Magrath who is the face behind the blog and vlog – In the Frow. Here are some pictures from that amazing day.

As you can see, absolutely amazing events which is why I always kept the tote bags as they contained memories, but they were just sitting in a draw gathering dust.

The pillows of course are just your bog standard ones you can buy from your local supermarket.

So, what did I do to make my scatter cushions?


  • First up I cut off the handles from the bags as they were just getting in the way but I kept them to use later on.
  • Secondly I folded the pillows in half and put them inside the bags.
  • Thirdly I pinned the top of the bags so they would stay in place whilst I sewed them together.
  • The fourth step was to obviously sew them together.
  • Once sewn together I grabbed the handles I had left over from before. I tied them into a bow and then stitched them on to where the handles used to sit. I did switch the handles up though, by putting the black ones onto the white bag and the white ones onto the black bag.

Once done I placed them onto my bed to get a feel for how they really looked and I have to say I was so happy with them. They were amazing! Especially since they had just been old bed pillows and tote bags. Even my husband liked them and said I could keep them on our bed lol. I mean, I have pretty much taken over our whole bedroom with my makeup so why not the bed too haha 😂

So there you have it, my up-cycled old bed pillows and makeup event tote bags turned into scatter cushions 😁

Why not have a go yourself if you have some kicking around not doing much. You might find you have a new favourite pillow to sleep on or just to decorate your home with hehe.

I also have a video on my channel showing them off. If you want to see it the link is here – Up-cycling old pillows and makeup event tote bags into scatter cushions video

That’s this blog post done, if you like it please let me know and comment below. I would love to hear if you have any Up-cycling plans for during lockdown or at anytime. Take care, stay safe and speak soon xoxo

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