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Makeup and Beauty YouTubers you should be watching…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe in these uncertain times. As we have now entered another lockdown, some of us will either have more time on our hands e.g. Being made furlough and cannot go out or see anyone… Or less time on our hands e.g. Homeschooling the sprogs! Either way you are going to need to take your mind off of the stresses of the world and have some you time… Or YouTube time as I like to call it haha.

As you all know I love makeup and I love watching other makeup YouTubers. Yes I have my own channel, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like watching other people’s. I absolutely love watching other people’s channels, I love seeing their take on products and how to use them. Because of the pandemic and the newest lockdown, I thought it might be handy to list some of my favourite Makeup and Beauty YouTubers, so that if your bored you can at least go and watch them and have them take your mind off things for a bit. Plus… You might even want to create your own makeup YouTube channel at this present time and if you do, inspiration is always, always needed.

Makeup and beauty YouTubers you need to watch:

  • Brushafly Mua – obviously the first one has to be my own channel, I mean your here enjoying my blog, so you might enjoy my makeup channel too. I do makeup reviews, makeup hauls, makeup storage craft and much more. My channel is still in its early months so any love for it and subscribers is much appreciated – Brushafly Mua
  • Victoria Magrath aka In the Frow – Victoria is mostly a fashion blogger and vlogger but she also does some pretty amazing makeup looks and is always discussing the best designer makeup to use. She is more of a higher end budget vlogger when it comes to makeup and fashion but she is so lovely and down to earth. I was lucky enough to meet her at ‘The Glamour beauty festival 2019’. She also has a book out – The new fashion rules – and does many collabs usually limited edition from time to time – In the frow
  • Soph does nails – Or also known as Soph does life or Soph does Vlogs – Soph is a lovely girl who loves a good drugstore makeup Bargain. She does dip her hand into some more High-end makeup occasionally, but her channel is more focused on makeup reviews for drugstore makeup brands. She also has a collab with the makeup brand Revolution – Soph
  • Angelika Oles – I first discovered Angelika on her first channel a drama channel which focuses on the drama that happens all in the beauty YouTube realm (honestly there is a lot) but she then expanded onto doing a makeup channel too, both of which I love watching. – Angelika Drama channelAngelika makeup channel
  • Beauty News – Beauty news is a channel I love watching when I want to see a more scientific view to makeup. By scientific, I mean destroy it, weigh it, check its ingredients and all the stuff we don’t do, but want to see happen. They also discuss the latest beauty releases that are going to happen and have images to accompany it so you can see what brands are producing and releasing into the makeup world. Both girls are very to the point with talking and do not mince their words. Makeup brands beware of the beauty news queen’s – Beauty news
  • Hailey O – She is one of the beauty news queens and is very to the point with her opinions on makeup products. She does some huge and long declutter videos, so if you want something long to listen to whilst doing the house work, Hailey is your gal – Hailey O
  • Kat kitschsnitch – Kat is the second half of the beauty news family and is also very opinionated about makeup. But I love how point blank she can be about makeup and it makes for some refreshing watching. If she doesn’t like it, she won’t beat about the Bush about it. – Kat Kitschsnitch
  • Tati Westbrook aka Glam life Guru – You may or may not know Tati and how drama has enthralled her life over the past year or so. But she was one of the first beauty YouTubers I watched and I did love her aesthetic, makeup skills and voice, it was calming. I also love her eyeshadow palette, the Tati Beauty Textured Neautrals vol 1. The Blendiful, not so much. I do miss that she is not uploading videos anymore, but her old videos are still great to watch. – Glam life Guru
  • Belle Jorden – Belle is a gorgeous tattooed lady who rocks some damn awesome grungy makeup looks and also does clothing hauls too. So if you want something not all pretty and pink with makeup and you want something more gothy, then Belle is your girl. She also has a makeup collab with ‘Makeup Obsession’ – Belle Jorden
  • Nikkie Tutorials – Nikkie is a wonderful and inspirational woman who has been through a lot the past few years on YouTube, but she has never let that get in her way and created a successful collab with beauty bay last year – Nikkie Tutorials
  • Patricia Bright – Patricia does a mixture of videos on her channel from makeup and beauty to clothing hauls. She has also done a gorgeous collab with Revolution. Patricia’s channel is a fairly new one I have been watching, but it is a great channel – Patricia Bright
  • Alix Kate – Alix is also a very new channel to me but I love her honest reviews and opinions – Alix Kate

So there you have it, 12 makeup and beauty YouTubers I think you should be watching, especially in lockdown to give you some creative and makeup ideas and to just eyeshadow the hours away until this lockdown is lifted.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, if you did make sure to follow my blog and come back for more makeup goings on. Take care and speak soon xoxo

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