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The chilling adventures of sabrina… But why must it end???

Do not read this post unless you like spoilers… This is not a run down of what happened on the show but just my little opinion on it.

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog. So today I’ve just finished watching the chilling adventures of sabrina, and wow did that last stinker of an episode actually make me cry 😭 So Sabrina died, she is no more… She died saving everyone she ever loved, because that was always who Sabrina was… But for me, how can it end there? It left so many questions for me unanswered!

In this last season Sabrina to me is very much a lost soul, everyone around her is in love and living their best lives, but poor Sabrina has lost her boyfriend to none other than Prudence, the one and only mega witch bitch (but who is totally cool and badass at the same time). Even her doppelganger Sabrina morning star is married and in love!

Sabrina sort of drifts along, wanting to be needed. As we near the last episode we see Nick declare his love for her and we see her happiness come back for a moment, but then she is taken away, she feels guilty for causing chaos by there being two Sabrina’s, she also feels guilty for the loss of Sabrina Morning Star… Who, is really herself… Which gets me onto her Dad, Lucifer Morning Star aka Satan. Obviously Sabrina Morning Star was the devilish daughter he always wanted, but then Spellman was the last Sabrina standing, and he totally dismisses her as his daughter (but she is still Sabrina, they were both her, just one half of her). Then there was Edward Spellman, Sabrina’s meant to be father but obviously not her real father but the one she always saw as her father… He too when ‘Returned’ pretty much disowned her… It was such a sad downward spiral for Sabrina…both her dads didn’t want her… God damn it nearly broke my heart (yes I do remember it is only a television show lol) but it was so sad. Obviously, you just need to watch the series and the last season to understand what the hell I’m garbling on about… But it really did leave questions unanswered for me…


  • Why’d they kill Sabrina I mean really why?!?
  • What really happened to Adam (Lilith’s baby) and where is he?
  • Why wasn’t Satan (Lucifer) at both the Sabrina’s funeral, Lilith pretty much made him mortal to wonder the earth… And since he loved Sabrina Morning Star so much, why wasn’t he there?
  • Again why did Sabrina have to die?

It did also answer some questions too:

  • Like why Agatha was so mentally unstable, and how when Dorcas came back her few simple words revived Agatha to her normal state.
  • What happened to the original Aunties and Sabrina lol.

But it has left me feeling a little… Oh… What do I watch now. I loved The chilling adventures of sabrina, I felt as an audience we needed something different and darker to your normal witchy show. I mean I’m sorry to say, a discovery of witches bored me to tears, where as Sabrina had me on the edge of my seat wanting more.

I guess ending it there kind if made sense. The Eldridge Terrors came and went, (were defeated) and so how could they make a threat bigger and badder than that for Sabrina to fight? But they could have explored the whole Sabrina vs Adam storyline later on, or Sabrina vs Lilith, or Sabrina vs Sabrina, bring them both back and have them fight each other, one returns as bad the other as good… Oh I don’t know, anything other than killing them both!!!

I will have to say, I will well and truly miss this show and I might have to rewatch it all again just to glow in its awesome witchy-ness!

I loved this show so damn much that I even did a makeup look inspired by Sabrina when I first began watching it. The cute hair band, the bold red lip, oh my god, so Sabrina Spellman.

I hope maybe they could somehow make it work if they wanted her to come back, I mean, she is Sabrina after all right! But for now, Sabrina is no more. 😭😭😭

Sorry for my rambling blog post, but I adored this show and I will miss it greatly. Thanks for reading my verbal vomit blog post, I’m sure there will be plenty more to come lol. Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

Ps. Did you love Sabrina? How do you feel about the final episode, the fate of Sabrina and the fate of the show? Comment below xoxo

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