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My new YouTube channel is now live!!!

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog… I’m so excited to share this news with you guys, but my new makeup and beauty YouTube channel is now live!!!

So as you may or may not know I used to have a makeup and beauty YouTube channel called mnpmakeupblog, but unfortunately due to family disagreements and people not seeing it as a worthwhile career and wanting me to do other things, I deleted it. A guess a bit like a midlife crisis but at 30 years old. But I’m taking it as a silver lining, a fresh new start for me, my blog, my brand and my channel… So I have created ‘Brushafly Mua’ the blog and now… Drum roll please… ‘Brushafly Mua’ the makeup and beauty YouTube channel!!!! Yay!!!

So although I did mourn for my old channel, I mean I had 251 videos on it 😭 I’m not going to live in the past, I’m going to concentrate on the new. I’m going to make it bigger, better and more importantly successful. One way or another this new venture will be successful. Now, success can mean different things to different people, of course I would love for my channel to blow up and become a huge house hold name… But I’m also realistic, that would be a total miracle… So for me success would be for it to make it and be big, I would be lying if I didn’t say I would want to make it, but success for me would also be me just keeping at it, not letting people upset me and make me stop. Success would also be me maybe recieving PR from brands or doing the odd brand deal… That would be amazing and a dream of mine.

Now I know, I have a lot of rebuilding to do, nearly 2 years worth of building, but I will and can do it! I am determined. And actually my new years resolution this year was:

  • To create my YouTube channel
  • Create great content for my channel
  • And stick to doing my YouTube channel and blog
  • I also want to be the best mum and make a great life for my babies… But this is probably more of a five year goal than a year one… Although be the best mum to them… I just need to make sure I show them how much they mean to me, which I do daily because they are my world!

As you can see I decided to just keep it to a few things that I know I can do and work towards. What’s your new year resolutions for 2021?

So my new channel is going to be makeup and beauty based, there will be some craft content such as storage for my makeup table I have made. This year I have a plan, and I plan on making the best content I physically can and not just post any old video that I make… If it doesn’t fit my new aesthetic and theme, then it doesn’t get published. I want only the best for my channel, blog and for you guys!!!

My new channel launched new years day 2021, and I published it with 5 videos just to get it started. I am going to post the links to those five videos below so you can all go and check them out!!! If you do, remember to subscribe to my channel and support my new brand and venture… I would love that very much 😍😘

So here is the link to my new channel – Brushafly Mua YouTube channel

And here are my first five videos, why not check them out and show me some support:

  • Welcome to my new channel – Welcome video – on this video it is a welcome video to my new channel. I haven’t mentioned much about the whole reason behind my deleting my old channel, I’ve focused on the positive and that I wanted a new feel and theme. I also didn’t want to stir the family pot too much, it is in the past and I want no negative thoughts or feelings on my channel, only positive. My blog is more like my diary, so I feel I can explain things more here 😘
  • What’s inside my makeup bag – Makeup bag video – In this video it is me showing you guys everything in my makeup bag that I use on the daily 😁
  • The video review for – The I heart Revolution – The Chocolate Revolution gift set – Revolution chocolate review – I done a blog post about this gift set, and thought why not do it for my channel too! 🍫
  • Which matte liquid lipstick is best to wear with a face mask – Face mask video – Another one I have done a blog post about, there will probably be many crossover blogs and videos from my channel and blog. This just seemed like such a helpful resource at the moment for lipstick lovers and face mask wearers 💋

There you have it, my first five makeup and beauty YouTube videos for my channel. I hope you all enjoy them. It has taken me a little while to get back in the swing of it, but I’m so super glad to be back on the YouTube train and making content again.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post and I hope you enjoyed my channel. I would love it if you did 😁😘 let me know down below.

That’s this blog post done my little Brushaflies, so take care and speak soon xoxo

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