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The best matte liquid lipstick to wear with a face mask…

Hey my little Brushaflies 😘 With 2020 being the year of the dreaded C-word (I mean Covid not the swear word) but with Covid has come the new fashion item – The Face Mask! Now I actually wear my face mask a lot, I wear it shopping, I wear it on the school run, I wear it at work, I wear it pretty much all the time I’m out of the house. But as I love makeup, and I do have a rather large lipstick collection, I wanted to find the best one that I could wear with my face mask and not have to worry about it smearing all over my face.

I have narrowed it down to the best formula of lipstick, and that has just been down to common sense, because obviously a dried down matte formula lasts longer than a glossy satin lip colour in normal circumstances, let alone in Covid face mask circumstances.

But… I have decided to test the ones I own in my own personal lipstick collection to see which one lasts the longest and doesn’t leave too much residue on the actual mask and all up my face.

The ones I am going to test are:

  • Kylie cosmetics liquid lip
  • Jeffree Star x morphe Velour liquid lip
  • Revolution x Roxi liquid lip
  • No 7 liquid lip
  • Colourpop blotted liquid lip
  • Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips

The first liquid lip I tested out was the Kylie Cosmetics x Koko Kollection liquid lip in ‘The bigger the hoops’. Its a cute pinky nude. I also paired it with the lip liner ‘Handbag ho’.

So, how did it wear?

Really well actually. Now I have to say me and the Kylie lip kits never used to get on. I used to find that it wouldn’t last, it would peel off quickly and look mega, mega dry! But… I have found a new trick to wear them and make them last. So I brush my lips with my toothbrush lol, then apply a nice decent amount of balm, leave for ten minutes then take it off and apply the liquid lip. Doing this method, for me personally makes the Kylie lip kits work so much better for me. So bearing in mind they didn’t used to work well for me I didn’t have high hopes for this liquid lip but actually, it worked so well. There was little to no evidence of it being of my mask, and after taking my mask off it still looked pretty fresh, matte and lasted until I took all my makeup off that night.

So, a Kylie lip kit so far is a good contender for being one of the best ones to wear. But of course I still have the other ones to test out. Read on to find out my findings 😜

The second liquid lipstick I tested was the Revolution x Roxi liquid lip in ‘Tokyo’. Once again this shade is a pretty pink toned lip (I’m sensing a theme here) and once again I tested it under the same conditions:

  • I brushed my lips with my toothbrush
  • Balmed my lips for ten minutes then wiped it off
  • And lined it with a Revolution lip liner
  • I also made sure to use the same make of face mask

So, how did it wear?

Not as well as the Kylie Cosmetics x Koko Kollection liquid lip in ‘The bigger the hoops’ but it wasn’t horrendous. Some product rubbed onto the mask and a little smudged around my lips but nothing a little cotton bud couldn’t fix. I do enjoy the Revolution x Roxi liquid lips and would recommend them as a good dupe for some of the Kylie Cosmetics ones. Only downside there are only 2 shades of the matte liquid lip and one Creme shade.

So this one is an ok one to wear, not horrendously smudge-a-thon but not smudge proof either.

The third liquid lip I am testing out is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in ‘Too bad I’m bad’, which (oh dear) is another pinky liquid lip… I think I have a pinky nude lip addiction here. Lol.

Once again I done the same routine as before and used one of the masks from the same packet (as you can see I’m taking this very seriously lol and making it very scientific haha).

So, how did it wear?

It actually wore rather similar to the Kylie Cosmetics x Koko Kollection liquid lip in ‘The bigger the hoops’. They both stayed in place really well with pretty much no smudging and there was hardly any lipstick on the mask after use (maybe a tiny bit more than the Kylie one but only a smidgin). So far, the Kylie lip kit and Charlotte Tilbury are neck and neck, but I still have others to test out before I can voice my final opinion.

The next liquid lip I’m testing out is a Colourpop blotted lip from the Sailor moon collection, and yes, once again it is pink haha. I do love me some pink. As before I applied using my same routine but with no lip liner as I didn’t have one that matched this (so this time the routine was slightly altered but not by much)

So, how did it wear?

The consistency of this liquid lip is slightly different to the others as it is a blotted liquid lip and feels quite dry and powdery compared to all the others. But did it wear any different?

I didn’t feel very confident about this one, but I was proven wrong. The colourpop blotted lip actually wore really, really well. I thought it would smudge off all over my face, but it stayed put. So once again this one is a good contender for the top spot.

I don’t have a picture of the mask for this one, because I was out shopping for a while and I touched my mask before anti-backing my hands, so I didn’t want to bring it home so I binned it. But I promise you, what I say about this one is true 💋

The next liquid lip I tested was the Jeffree Star Velour liquid lip in Mannequin. Now the Jeffree star liquid lips have been a huge favourite of mine. I’m a little disappointed about how the YouTube beauty giant has fallen from grace, because, well, he shouldn’t have done what he done. But his makeup formula is one I have come to love. I can’t see myself buying more from him in the future, but, I’m going to use the makeup I already have because it cost me and my husband a lot of money, so I’m not going to let it go to waste. So mannequin is a cute cool toned nude lip, and it’s one I go towards a lot when I want a nude lip. Of course because I love this formula I knew it would wear well. But of course let’s discuss it.

So I did the same application method as before and used the same make of mask. Then I ventured out into the big scary wide world and did some much needed food shopping.

I have to say that of course it wore well, it stayed put, no smudging, no wearing onto the mask. So of course I was happy. Once again, another contender for the top spot. I guess we only have one left now which is the No 7 liquid lip. Then I will be choosing my best liquid lip for wearing with a mask.

The last matte liquid lipstick I tested out was the No 7 liquid lip, I couldn’t find a name, so it’s once again a pinky nude shade 😂 also I done the same application method as before for this one and wore the same make of mask.

So, how did it wear?

It wore ok, but not the best. The thing I found with the No 7 matte liquid lip is that is didn’t dry down as much as the other brands and formulas, it still stayed kind of tacky, which meant of course it went into my mask. Not a tonne of product went on my mask but enough to not make it number one.

So which ones are my top three?

  • In third place is – Jeffree Star cosmetics Velour liquid lip in mannequin. Love the shade, love the formula, very comfortable to wear. Could have been number 1 but it’s Jeffree Star. It’s also morphe whose products I do also enjoy, so I think a good third place is acceptable.
  • In second place is – The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in too bad I’m bad. Love this formula, although it is a little heavier than the winner. But I’m an avid fan of Charlotte Tilbury makeup so I’m pleased this is in the top three.
  • And in first place is – Kylie Cosmetics x Koko Kollection liquid lip in The bigger the hoops. Like I said Kylie lip kits and products didn’t always work well for me, but I was so happy with how this lasted on my lips, how comfortable it was and it has really changed my view on her liquid lipsticks.

So if you want a liquid lip that’s going to last under your mask, then either a Kylie cosmetics liquid lip, a Charlotte Tilbury liquid lip or a Jeffree Star liquid lip are the ones to wear.

I have also done a video on my channel about this blog post, check it out here – Lipstick and face mask video

I hope you enjoyed my blog post and I hope it has helped you on your lipstick come face mask journey.

Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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