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M.A.C makeup x The sims… All that’s wrong with it…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua. And today’s blog post is one that is so hot topic at the moment, the peaks of Mt. Komorebi are melting 🔥

So it seems M.A.C makeup and The sims 4 have teamed up once again. The first time they teamed up they created some pretty and yet questionable makeup looks for your sims to wear and to apparently look stylish with??? (Sperm eyeliner anyone?) but this was on the console not an actual product you can hold in your hand. This time, M.A.C apparently have a product you can buy, one with sims packaging, one you can hold in your hands… But… Not everyone is happy about it!

So, they have come out with a nine pan eyeshadow palette, which has the sims 4 on the packaging but… Its actually an old palette they have brought back and stamped the sims all over it. Even the name shades are the same as the old palette and have nothing to do with the sims! In the words of lil simsie ‘Oh no… Take a chill pill… ‘ or at least a creative one people.

Quite understandably the sims 4 community are up in arms over this. It seems M.A.C have tried to make a quick buck by grabbing any old palette and stamping the sims on it, in the hopes that fans of the sims and makeup lovers a like will fork out money for it.

Not only is it an old palette, but the shades have no connection to the sims either by shade colour and or by the shade names. It is a basic nude palette you can buy from any makeup brand, even Primark would do one for pennies… The M.A.C one costs above $30!!! Which is not cheap, oh and is only available in the US not the UK, which means UK simmers cannot have it, even if they wanted it.

If you want to see the palette by M.A.C check out trend mood here on Instagram – Trend mood mac x sims 4

Because I was so disgusted by the extreme lack of imagination and compassion for us simmers and makeup lovers, I decided I could do it better… So I grabbed my Revolution Pro magnetic empty palette, and my Revolution Pro single eyeshadow shades and made my own sims palette which I feel looks so much better and actually fits the theme and aesthetic of the sims 4.

I feel I done a cracking job, as it looks really simmish to me and is actually quite a wearable palette and colour story. If you want to make your own Revolution pro singles x sims palette then here are the shades I used:

  • Forgotten Hollow – Day to Dream – Shrine
  • Strangerville – Day to Dream – Exclusive
  • Glimmerbrook – Stop look and glisten – Ambition
  • Selvadorada – Day to Dream – New day
  • Plumbob – Stop look and glisten – lost and found
  • Del Sol Valley – Neutral ground – Corrupted
  • San Myshuno – Neutral ground – Spectate
  • Mt. Komorebi – Glisten up – Glitterazi
  • Sulani – Glisten up – Radiate

With the shade names from Revolution pro, the names: Glisten up, Neutral ground, Stop look and glisten and Day to Dream are the pack names for the singles and the actual singles names are after. But I feel this would be a perfect nine pan Revolution pro x Sims 4 palette 😍🎨👌

If you wish to purchase the singles from Revolution then here is the link – Revolution this link is not affiliated, it was just a bit of fun and I thought you might like it incase you wanted to create your own version of mine lol.

So how do I feel about the M.A.C x sims 4 palette? Not happy, a little ripped off to be honest because I love the sims and I actually love M.A.C, but I feel let down… Like they felt they could just stamp a name on an existing palette and we would buy it. Next time I hope they are more creative and compassionate about how gamers and makeup lovers feel, we shouldn’t be given rubbish. Yes it’s just makeup and yes its just a game and yes its first world problems, but when you work hard (especially during a pandemic) and spend your hard earned money on the things you enjoy like makeup and gaming, you want it to be quality!

M.A.C did say this palette was to celebrate the sims 4 finally adding more skin tones (which yes it needing doing) but this to celebrate? Its taking the damn biscuit 🍪

If you want to see my video about this and using my version then click the link here – Sims x mac my palette

How do you guys feel about this? Shout out below and let me know. That’s all from me today, so take care, stay safe and speak soon xoxo

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