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Rules of blogging – Part Four…

Hey my little Brushaflies 😘 Welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 😉 As you know, I’ve been doing a mini blogging series on my blog, all about, you guessed it, blogging.

Check out my other rules of blogging here:

Today’s Rule of blogging is – how to start your own blog…

The blogging realm is rather saturated, there are thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of people blogging every day, all about subjects they love and hold dear to them. My own personal blogging subject is makeup, but the blogging rules I discuss on my blog are for everyone who is thinking of joining in with the blog phenomenon. Though the blog realm is saturated there is always room for more, everyone has a voice and a unique way for creating, talking and bringing their own blog world alive, as long as you bring something to the table people want to read, you can make it as a blogger. By make it, I don’t necessarily mean be the ultimate blogger influencer, but by make it I do mean, create a blog you love and people come back to read over and over again.

So, what do you need to start your own blog?

  • First up, you need a name – Now, your name can be 1 of 2 things, it can be either your own name, or a brand name. For my blog I went with a brand name, Brushafly Mua. I hope to turn Brushafly into a makeup brand one day, so it only seemed fitting to start my blog and YouTube channel off with that name. Its my brand, its me! Once you have chosen that name, make sure you can get the social handles to match so your whole platform on social media can tie in with one another, e.g. Twitter, Instagram, blog, Facebook, Pinterest etc. You can also go on to buy the domain name for that too.
  • Design – The best blogs out there are the ones that have been worked on to look the best they can. Colourful, smart, clean with beautiful and eye catching pictures. Also having an easy to use menu is also a must, being able to find the blog content, an about me page, home page and contact details makes for a nicer and less stressful time on a blog. I personally use WordPress where you can get some amazing themes to use for free for your blog, they can really add character to your blog. If you struggle with the whole technical side there are businesses out there that help with website and blog building design, but to be honest, WordPress is fun and easy to use, and watching a few YouTube videos can also help. Designing your blog can be as cheap or expensive as you want or need it, it just depends on your budget. Even if you can’t afford to spend money on your blog from the word go, you can if you want or need to as you grow. But money is not everything, content is when it comes to blogging.
  • Content – you can spend all the money in the world on your blog, but unless you have good quality content people will not come back time and time again. Spend time on planning your blog posts, I personally write notes in my notebook and then when I feel the blog idea is fully formed I transfer my written on paper idea, to a fully fledged blog post here. I also make sure to take time to edit my blog posts, there will of course be the odd spelling mistake or grammar mistake that seeps through the cracks, but I do read, double read and triple check my blog posts, just to make sure it all flows correctly and in a coherent and readable way. Another thing for content is imagery, make sure your photos are high quality and say what it is you wish to show. WordPress do also have some great library stock photos you can use yourself. I use a mixture of my own and WordPress images, just because my own are obviously mine that I have worked hard to produce, but also, some of the WordPress ones are beautiful and I could never recreate myself but suit some of my posts so well.
  • Consistency with posting – some people post once a day, some once a week, you just need to find the right consistency of posting for you and to keep at it. If you start posting at 1pm Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, then keep it to 1pm Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Why? Because people will come to know when you post a new blog post, and they will come back expecting to see blog posts on these day and at theses times.
  • Publish a few, not just one – When it comes to blogging its good to have a few blog posts on your blog up and running so when people do land on your blog they have something to read and get their teeth into. Its also good practice so there is a backlog of posts to help Google find you. When I first started this blog I had 5 posts up and running, then as the days went on, I just added to that number. I think 5 to begin with is a good number, others will say more, others will say less… But as long as you have a few on there, you have posts for people to read, enjoy and hopefully so they come back.
  • Social media is key – I mentioned this before in my previous blogging rules posts, and I’ll say it again, you need social media to share your blog and content on so people can discover you, find you and contact you. Also, it’s good practice to tag the brands you use or mention within your post on your social media when you share it. Also link your blog website on your Instagram bio, Facebook page and pin a link on a tweet over on twitter. And lastly chat to other bloggers over social media, they can make great friends, but also can make great free advertising if they share your content. But if they do, it’s common courtesy to do the same in return.

All in all, just enjoy your blog and make it your own. Your blog is an extension of you 😘

So there we have it, blogging rules part 4! I hope you enjoyed my blog post and I hope that it helps you in some way, if it does, let me know, I love hearing from you guys 😁 so that’s this blog post done, take care and speak soon my little Brushaflies xoxo

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