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Beauty fortune telling… What will 2021 bring for the beauty industry…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua 🦋 today’s blog is about what I feel the beauty and makeup trends will be in 2021. Now this is just a bit of fun, a little guess work, and later on in 2021 I will do an update to see whether I was right or not.

So what do I think the biggest makeup and beauty trends will be?

  • The biggest makeup product – Lipstick, in particular the matte liquid lip… Yes I know with the new fashion item ‘the face mask’ people stopped wearing it as much due to smudging, but I feel ‘matte liquid lipsticks’ will make a comeback.
  • The biggest skincare product – night creams… With the face mask fashion item, especially in the summer and warmer months, they tend to rub and the oils on our skin tend to block our pores and cause mask-ne. So a heavy day cream I feel will not be wanted, only something light to not build up during the day with your mask. So I think the night cream will grow in want and need, because people will want to apply the stronger creams at night and night time skincare rituals will become the in thing.
  • The colour trend – Lavender… I think this years colour will be a lavender purple trend. It has nothing to do with purple being my favourite colour… Like not at all… But I think purple eyeshadow, purple lavender lipglosses and even the odd purple matte liquid lip too 💜
  • Hype or no hype? – I think hype… Some years the beauty industry has huge product launches and products that people ‘NEED’ to have in their life. I feel after 2020 with launches being held back and maybe not doing as well as they normally do, I feel this year hyped makeup releases and products will make a huge comeback. I mean, with lockdown people had more free time and a few more beauty and makeup bloggers and vloggers appeared, so makeup is still a huge trend.
  • Theme of the year – Flowers… I think flower power and getting back to nature and all things flowery and pretty will be a huge theme this year. Flower themed makeup looks, flower themed packaging, flower themed ingredients… You name it… Flowers will be in it or on it 💐
  • The return of – single eyeshadows and build your own palettes… Last year to me was the year of project pan, everyone and their nan wanted to use up makeup products they had, had for a while. The no buy movement was also a thing… I think this year large eyeshadow palettes will take a back seat and single eyeshadows, smaller palettes and build your own eyeshadow palettes will be a big thing. People want less waste. And a single eyeshadow or a smaller palettes where they have chosen the shades will be in because people will use them up and pan them faster.

So those are my predictions for the makeup and beauty world for 2021. What predictions would you make? Let me know in the comments section.

That’s me done for today, take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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