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Reasons I love to buy makeup online…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog, Brushafly Mua. Hope the start to 2021 is treating you well? If not, maybe a little retail therapy is in order 😁 well, if your bank account will allow it that is. I’m not sure mine would right at this moment, but it sure as hell doesn’t stop me window shopping, or online window shopping. You know what I mean, you go to your favourite website, see a load of stuff you want, add it to your basket, and that’s were it stays either until you get paid or its your birthday lol.

So in 2020, the dreaded C word happened, COVID-19, which landed us all into a huge lockdown. Shops closed, work died down, we had more free time on our hands. I was still working during the pandemic lockdown at a supermarket, so I still wore my makeup daily like normal, so when I got low on foundation etc I just hopped online and ordered it. It was so simple and easy… But as Lockdown endured longevity, boredom took over, and when I wasn’t homeschooling the kids, cleaning or doing other chores I found myself watching makeup tutorials online and then onto websites to buy the makeup I had seen them use. The online beauty industry was booming, whilst unfortunately the high Street was dying a miserable death.

Just think about it, all the makeup in the world (almost) at your very finger tips, just a few clicks and you could see the latest mascara release and add it to your virtual basket. The other day I did a post about what would be my ideal makeup shopping high street – link here My dream makeup shopping street– it was so much fun to do, but in all honesty, isn’t the online world like that, just a huge virtual high street full of all the brands and makeup you want or need!

I remember making my first online purchase, it was on Ebay many moons ago for a pair of Victoria Beckham Jeans… They were most probably fake but at like 15 years old I had no clue and it was all fairly new to me. I remember that feeling though of clicking a button and waiting for them to be ordered, it was so… Strange. Now, I find it weird when I actually have to go out to the shops (Thanks again covid). Shopping online over the years has got easier, especially since websites are now more mobile friendly and everyone uses their phones.

Now, although I do like shopping online I do feel for the high street and sometimes it does make me feel guilty when I hear another shop has gone under. But in this day an age, online shopping not only is more convenient, but it can also find you the best and cheapest deals. Meaning sometimes buying from a high street shop is more expensive, and with high rents, bills, children, food shopping, cars etc… Buying from the high street is not always an option for people anymore. And with the rise of Klarna (buy now pay later for makeup and clothing) its got even easier to shop our favourite shops online.

Although I do feel guilty for shopping online, I do have my Reasons I love to shop online…

  • You can sit on the sofa in your PJ’s and with a cuppa tea, you don’t even need to leave your home – Of course with many lockdowns and Tier 4 restrictions leaving your home unless for essentials is frowned upon. This way you are abiding the law and staying safe and away from dreaded germs. You also don’t have the crowds that comes with high street shopping, which can be anxiety inducing with everyone and their aunt breathing on you.
  • Can see a wider range of stock – In a shop you see what is on the shop floor only, and if there is not many staff in that day to put more out or a delivery has been delayed or not arrived you might not be able to get all what you need. With online shopping you can see the whole range of products the site sells, what’s in stock and what is not, different colours and shades and with a click of a button order it and wait for it to be delivered.
  • Everything is under one virtual roof – think about it, if you had to walk from ‘shop to shop’ to shop all the brands you wished to buy from the walk could be miles long. Especially since only the big cities sell the big brand names so a train ride or two would be in order. Towns like where I live have a Boots and a Superdrug and that is your beauty shopping pretty much done. Online it is all under one roof, one virtual roof and you can just flit from one website to another, or if your lucky a website like Feelunique or Cult Beauty could have many of your favourite brands within their virtual walls.
  • Photos of models wearing the makeup – With online shopping many if not most retailers will have images of models wearing the makeup or with swatches of makeup across their arms so you can see if it would suit your skin tone or not. I find this particularly helpful.
  • Discounts, deals and rewards – Searching online for makeup can lead to great makeup finds with money off, special deals and even rewards. I adore shopping at Revolution Beauty, especially as they do a reward system now, a bit like a Tesco clubcard but for Revolution and their makeup. You buy so much, you get money off, and or codes for free gifts. I’m now a silver member because I use them all the time… Ooops!
  • Free Delivery – Most companies have it where you spend x amount and you get free delivery. Sometimes its cheaper than using petrol to drive somewhere and pay for parking, or to use public transport.

So, there you have it, my Reasons I love to buy makeup online. Don’t get me wrong I do like a little shopping trip out with my girls, but most of the time it’s so stressful that I do prefer online shopping. One day when maybe Covid isn’t so much of a demon breathing down our necks I might enjoy the high street again, but that’s if the high street is still alive and kicking.

If you need some makeup website muses, then here are a few I love:

These links are not affiliate links, just ones I enjoy shopping on.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post my little Brushaflies, take care and speak soon xoxo

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