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I heart Revolution – The Chocolate Revolution gift set review…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to another blog post all about MAKEUP!!! If you have been a follower of my blog for a while now since I started it just a few short weeks ago, you will know I love makeup, makeup is the reason I started my blog ❤️ #makeupislife

And since we just had Christmas (ho ho ho hope you all had a good one – especially considering the year 2020 has thrown at us) I thought what better way to start up blogging after xmas (and all that food) than to blog about some of the makeup I reviewed. Now this is not a post to brag about what I got, and to be honest, this gift set – I heart Revolution – The Chocolate Revolution gift set, and another eyeshadow palette by No 7 was actually the only makeup I received (which I am sooooo grateful for) so I’m not bragging, I just thought it would be a wasted opportunity to not blog about and review all this makeup within this gift set!

See my YouTube video about this gift set here – Chocolate gift set video

So, let’s first talk about that price point about the I heart Revolution – The Chocolate Revolution gift set! Well, originally it was £60 which actually for what you get isn’t a bad price, but my lovely hubby got it as the Black Friday bargain price of £30, which, well was even better!

So what do you get inside it?

You get 11 items…

  • You get three cute chocolate drip brushes for the eye
  • A badge mirror
  • Berry chocolate lip gloss
  • Ginger chocolate lip gloss
  • Mini chocolate contour palette
  • Mini chocolate champagne truffle highlight palette
  • Mini violet crush chocolate eyeshadow palette
  • Berry meringue chocolate eyeshadow palette
  • Ginger and orange chocolate eyeshadow palette
  • Chocolate milk setting spray
  • And The Jumbo chocolate palette…

I was actually amazed at the quantity and quality of this gift set. There was so much in there and after having a play with it all I was very pleasantly surprised. It was all good quality makeup.

The three eye brushes (which you can see I have used) were super soft, picked up pigment really well and helped to blend out my eyeshadow well. I have to say I’m happy to add these three to my brush collection and if that’s I heart Revolution’s brush quality then I would happily buy more. I’m also happy to report they are full size brushes not travel sized minis.

The Berry Meringue chocolate eyeshadow palette is the one I wore on Christmas day and I have to say it was a beaut. A mixture of pinks, reds, gold, silver and more it really is a great colour story. It has a mixture of soft creamy matte shades and silky smooth shimmery metallic shades which go on with just your finger!!! Which for me means a good quality palette, if I don’t need to damp my brush down to use a metallic shade, then I’m a happy bunny.

The mini violet crush chocolate eyeshadow palette is super cute and looks gorgeous. I haven’t tested it out yet but if its anything like the berry meringue palette, it will be a good-en.

The mini chocolate champagne truffle highlight palette is a winner for me. The formula is super soft, like fluffy cushion soft. It has gorgeous pigment and gives your cheeks a pretty good glow. You can obviously give yourself a subtle glow or a more glam glow depending on how much pressure you apply to the brush. I absolutely loved this and can’t wait to pan my project pan highlighter so I can pop this in my everyday makeup bag.

The mini chocolate contour palette is good but it is more suited to darker skin tones, and I have a fair skin tone. Although it didn’t really suit me, I am actually happy that for once the whole collection wasn’t just suitable for one skin tone only. A lot of brands make a gift set which only suit one skin tone, but with this set I’d say the contour palette is for darker skin tones and the highlighter palette is more for paler skin tones. So there is a nice mixture in the gift set. Although in saying its for darker skin tones, I could possibly get away with the lightest of the two in the pan if I use a light hand with my brush. And darker skin tones could possibly get away with the highlighter palette by using a more heavy hand with their brush.

The next palette is the Ginger orange chocolate eyeshadow palette. Which looks absolutely gorgeous and once again I cannot wait to test it out. This one is more orange in tone but looks really nice for Autumn, so this might be one I pull out again next Autumn. Again it has a mixture of mattes and shimmers.

The last eyeshadow palette is the Jumbo chocolate eyeshadow palette! And by Jumbo, I mean its flipping huge! It has 35 shades in the palette, again a mixture of mattes and shimmers. I haven’t tested it out yet, but I will, believe me. And I have high hopes for it after the berry meringue palette.

Next up we have the two lipglosses, one called Berry chocolate and the other Ginger chocolate. Berry chocolate is a cute almost lavender clear gloss, and ginger chocolate is a beautiful nude pale brown shade. Both are gorgeous and are not too sticky, which makes them very comfortable to wear. They both smell like chocolate as well, just like I heart Revolution’s other chocolate lipglosses.

Next we have the I heart Revolution chocolate milk setting spray which smells as good as it sounds. Its set your makeup nicely, but that scent, man I just wanna drink it lol.

Last up is the cute little badge pocket mirror. Now a lot of people don’t like these but I actually do. They come in super handy. I have a few now and I keep one in my makeup bag, one in my handbag and one in my work bag. They are ok mirrors, like they don’t make you look distorted, the actual quality of the metal material is very much like a cheap badge from an old badge making kit, but since the rest of the set is perfect, I’m not going to grumble about it.

Overall I’m so happy with this gift set, it was amazing and I love everything in it. I would highly recommend it if you can get it in the boxing day sales (after Christmas sales) because you honestly won’t be disappointed. Link here to revolution – Revolution Beauty – I heart Revolution – The Chocolate Revolution gift set the link is not an affiliate link. I just thought it might come in handy 😘

So there you have it, the I heart Revolution – The Chocolate Revolution gift set review. Absolutely love it!

I hope as we merge into 2021 that the new year brings a better year for us all. Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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