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Spa in a Jar…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog 😘 I hope Christmas found you well and that whether you were with family or alone that you stayed merry and safe. 2020 has been a rocky road of a year and quite frankly I want it to hurry up and be gone and for 2021 to arrive. I just very much hope that a new year will bring a new change and that Covid will be halted in its tracks and that Brexit will be a smooth transition… I mean we can all hope right?

Today’s blog post is about a present I made for a few people over xmas. I was actually going to leave this sort of post until xmas 2021 because its obviously how I made cute little Xmas presents in 2020 but to be honest you could make this present at any time of year say for; valentines day, mother’s day, birthdays etc… And with Boots and other shops going to have their yearly after xmas sales, now is the time to stock up on products to use! And the present is called… A spa in a Jar!

So what is a spa in a jar? Well, its basically a jar made to look beautiful and pretty either with paint, glitter, buttons, lights etc and then some nice makeup or skincare products put inside it to make it a nice, pretty and some what cheaper alternative to an expensive present. Although, if you do go mad it can become expensive. So make sure you keep tabs on what you are buying for them.

What you will need to make your Spa in a Jar:

  • Empty glass jar – can be a pasta sauce jar, just make sure to clean it thoroughly and peel off the sticker and get rid of the glue left behind. White spirit can help with left over tacky glue (just make sure if you are a young-un to get a parent to help with white spirit as it is a chemical)
  • Pva glue – this is only needed if you are going to make your jar a glittery themed jar
  • Paint – again you only need paint if you want to make a pretty paint coloured drip jar
  • Ribbon – to decorate with
  • Buttons – Cute little buttons to decorate with
  • Glitter – to add to either the glue or the paint
  • Crafting tape – that is sticky on both sides
  • Makeup / skincare – Now in my picture I used No 7 skincare but please don’t feel you have to as No 7 isn’t cheap. I collect makeup and skincare and review it all through the year, so I might buy a few packs of a certain product or brand throughout the year and end up with multiples of certain items. Those are the items I put in mine. You can get some cheaper yet still great items from other brands and shops. Primark do some awesome dupes for products which are cheaper than the higher end brands. Superdrug also have cheaper makeup and skincare options. The Poundshop can sometimes have some great items as can Aldi with their Lacura makeup and skincare. And so can charity shops, you’ll be amazed at what people throw away! I also buy throughout the year and keep a drawer full of bits I can use for presents as and when I need them.
  • Battery powered fairy lights – these don’t need to be expensive, Primark do cheap ones for £1.50 or Ebay and or amazon can also do cheaper ones. But you don’t need to add lights, just if you want to.
  • And lastly newspaper – to put on your work surfaces also handy for if you want to cause a drip effect as you will need to turn the jar over and let it drip out.

The first step for me making my spa in a jar is of course to have a sparkling clean jar ready for me to attack. Then I will grab either paint and glitter or pva glue and glitter, it all depends on the type of funky jar I want to create.

The one I made that’s pictured in this blog post is a glittery one so I will talk you through that one. Just remember where I have used pva glue and glitter you can change it to paint and glitter if you want to.

First up I grabbed the pva glue and squirted some into the base of the jar, then I poured in some glitter. Using a paint brush I mixed the glitter and glue together until it is a pretty glittery gloop. Next I grab some paper and turn the jar over and let the gluey glitter trail down.

Then I left it to dry overnight.

I did do a couple of designs, as you can see the one above is more of a glittery glue drip. And the one I have showed you finished is just all glittery and glued.

Once fully dry I grabbed some pretty skinny red ribbon, I tied some buttons onto them (which I knew the person I was gifting it to would appreciate) and tied it around the rim. Next I grabbed the fairy lights and placed them inside the jar. The battery pack obviously had to stay outside so I used some of the crafting tape that is sticky on both sides and placed it at the back of the jar so its mostly unseen from the pretty front view.

Lastly its time to add the skincare and or makeup products to create that awesome spa in jar. Remember to make sure its all products you can fit into a jar, and that the other person can get them back out again lol 😉 and there you have it, a spa in a jar 👍

So there you have it, a spa in a jar present which can be tailored and personalised for who ever it is you plan on gifting it to. I done these this year for my mum, my best friend and the kids school teachers. I feel they work really well and are just something a little different to just buying a simple smelly gift set from your local supermarket.

Why not have a go yourself at making one? If you do make some I would love to see your designs, so go and tag me over on my Instagram – Brushafly Mua Instagram

Well that’s all for today my little Brushaflies. So take care and speak soon xoxo

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