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Creating a lipstick holder for my makeup table…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my blog. Today’s blog post is me creating a lipstick holder for my makeup table from the inside of my husbands fishing calendar lol… So for our anniversary a few weeks ago I purchased my lovely husband a calendar, full of fishing accessories… It wasn’t the best calendar to be honest and by day 20 he was so disappointed and ripped the rest open. He was about to discard the inner plastic packaging when I piped up and said I wanted it! Literally I looked at it and saw its potential!

See, it had so much lipstick potential!!!

So I grabbed some sparkly card that I purchased from good old Hobby craft, some pva glue, a glue brush, some scissors and some masking tape. And I was ready to attack it and turn it into some sparkly lipstick madness lol.

First up I measured the sides of the plastic and then cut out the right amount from the sparkly card to cover the sides on the outside. I then also measured and cut some for the underbelly of the lipstick holder to be.

Next up I grabbed some good old pva glue and painted some on the sides and placed the cut out card over it. To hold it all in place whilst it dried I used masking tape. Once the sides were dry I then attacked the underneath and glued it and stuck the card over it. And once again I masking taped it down.

I left it for an hour before deciding to take off the masking tape. I also got Sargent Woof on the case to make sure it was all to his satisfaction lol.

Once the doggie drill Sargent decided all was well I legged it up to my makeup table and began to sort through all my lipsticks and placed them all within the small yet cute little sections.

I tried to keep them all within their own brands but a few I mixed with others. And when I get new lipsticks they will be added and the whole system will be rearranged and given new section homes lol.

My lipsticks in the new lipstick holder are:

  • Kylie cosmetics ‘Haunt it’ and ‘Give me a kiss’ with Kris Jenner
  • Revolution x Friends ‘Rachel and Monica’
  • Revolution x Soph ‘Cake and Syrup’
  • Revolution ‘Cupid’
  • A few No 7 both liquid lips and normal bullet lipsticks
  • Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood liquid lips in ‘Too bad I’m bad’ and ‘Show Girl’
  • Soap and Glory
  • Becca Cosmetics Khloe x Malika in ‘Brave’
  • Elizabeth Arden ‘Pink Punch’
  • Givenchy Noir 16 gloss
  • A selection of M.A.C lipsticks and glosses
  • A selection of Primark lipsticks
  • A selection of Jeffree Star liquid lips
  • An Elf lipstick in ‘Touch of blush’
  • A Knd’r ph changing lipstick in ‘positivity pink’
  • Dr Paw paw ‘hot pink balm’
  • A marks and Spencer gloss
  • Winky Lux Mini Pill lipsticks
  • And for now that’s it… But I know more will be added over time, I mean I love a good lippy

So this is my finished new lipstick holder for my makeup table. I absolutely love it!!! I love being crafty and creative in my makeup storage solutions and I hope you enjoyed it too. I would absolutely love to see any creative creations you guys all make, especially for your makeup tables. I’m always on the hunt for new storage ideas!!! Just tag me over on Instagram with your creations, my Instagram is – Brushafly Mua Instagram

Well that’s all from me today, hope you all have a good one, take care and speak soon xoxo

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