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Rules of blogging… Part three…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to another episode of my mini blogging series, the rules of blogging. I decided to do this series to help others who are just starting out in the blogging world, or for those who just wanted a little refresher or who had forgotten about some of the rules. So here is Part three… The blogging rules today are – Tips to grow blog traffic…

I have come up with Seven tips to help with growing your blog traffic.

  • 1) Call to Action – You have your blogging website, you might even have a YouTube channel, you also have your social media channels, which can come in super handy to get traffic to your blog. A call to action can be many things, it could be a simple question to your following and they have to go to your blog to answer it, it could be a giveaway but they can only enter if they take part on your blog, it could be a new newsletter, get them to go to your blog to sign up, you could make the newsletter sound awesome by adding tips, hints, tricks that you know, giveaways you will be holding or events you may be attending. Be creative and think outside the box!
  • 2) Ask a question – So this tip extends from the first one ‘Call to action’, ask a question, get them to answer it over on your blog. Tell your followers that with their answers you are going to compile a list and potentially put them into a special blog post and their name or their own blog could be mentioned. Basically free promotion for them and more traffic for you. Kind of a win win!
  • 3) Create a community – Start off with the first two tips, get people coming to your blog. Once they are there, make sure you are writing the best quality content they would be interested in. At the end or during your blog post ask them to write comments and interact with you. Ask their opinions on certain subjects. But what this tip really focuses on is… When your community comment, make sure you comment back!!! Don’t ignore them, respond, engage and chat to them. Really make them part of your blogging world, make them part of your community.
  • 4) Cross Promote with other bloggers – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress and other sources have ways you can engage with other bloggers, whether in special blogger connection groups or just via the blog reader (WordPress). Get chatting to these other bloggers and see if any are willing for you to do guest write ups, and vice versa. But make sure to write really good quality content that people not already on your follow list would enjoy, to make them want to come and see your blog and hopefully subscribe, follow and stay. But always make sure to return the favour.
  • 5) Offer something for free to entice people in – Now I say offer something for free, I don’t mean offer tat, I mean offer them something worth while but not something that has taken your whole heart and soul and months of work. I mean;
  • If you have written a book – give them the first chapter or first few pages free.
  • If you have a kindle book then maybe do a free promotion day, so they have a timed limit to go to your blog and download it.
  • Do giveaways of your chosen niche, mine is makeup so I could do a makeup or Beauty bundle giveaway.
  • Worksheets are also very popular at the moment. If you are good at that sort of thing then people love a worksheet that makes their life easier or their life more organised.
  • 6) Make it easy for people to share your content. WordPress makes plugins and widgets that can help with this. Just go and customise your theme.
  • 7) A secret key to success – Well no one has a magical key to success but your blog does have you! You just need to keep at it, work hard, create awesome content, never give up, have patience and remember it all takes time!

So there you have it, rule number three, seven ways to grow your blog traffic. All these things can help you and your blog grow! If you think of any other tips then feel free to comment below so others can see.

Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon, I’m sure I have many more blogging rules posts to come.


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