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Rules of Blogging… Part two…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to my mini blogging series about the rules of blogging. Check out my previous post on Rule number one here – Rules of blogging… Part one…

Blogging is such a huge phenomenon, people can become huge influencers from being bloggers and vloggers. When you reach a certain status within the blogging / vlogging community you will then begin to receive PR and maybe be asked to do brand deals if certain brands like you. But of course there is a certain etiquette and way you should accept, use and talk about these things. Which brings us to rule number 2!

Rule number 2…

Ad’s, brand deals, PR and being honest…

The first piece of PR I received on my old YouTube channel was some Fake Tan lotion by Utan. It was such an amazing feeling to be contacted by a company asking if I would use and review their product, for FREE! I was so elated and happy, it was a moment I will never forget. I remember unboxing it with shaking hands as I knew I had worked hard to finally get to a point where brands were starting to recognise my hard work. I remember testing out the product and loving it!

Although I loved this product some I have been sent I’m not always so keen on, and for me the best thing for my followers and viewers is to stay truthful and honest. I have a good few tips for staying true to yourself, your blog and or your channel…

  • Don’t be bought out by a brand – There are hundreds and hundreds of brands which want their products to be shouted about and pushed more into the public eye. Especially if your following is good they will see an opportunity in you to promote their products. But… Don’t be bought! If you don’t use that product normally, don’t like the product, or don’t agree with the ethics of the brand, then feel happy in declining. Don’t feel bad for turning opportunities down, it means that you will only take on what is right for you and your own personal brand. You have just got to remember that not all opportunities are best for you. Plus, it is not worth lying to your followers, they will notice if you are being untruthful and that will mean they won’t trust you as much and will more than likely unfollow you. Be true to yourself, your brand and your followers.
  • Don’t let a brand force your hand – If you do agree to work with a brand and money or your images are involved, make sure you read the fine print, make sure it works for you and even get someone more qualified to look over it, such as a solicitor or your manager / agent if you have one. Don’t let a brand or anyone make you sign a contract you don’t want to sign. And if it includes something you don’t want to say or do, then don’t do it! Once again, stay true to you!
  • The second deadly sin is Greed! It’s classed as a sin for a reason, so don’t be greedy, its not a good look for you or your brand – As you and your blog / vlog / personal brand grow, the more money you can potentially ask for within a deal. Don’t sell yourself short by agreeing to something too low, but also don’t be too greedy. Don’t get too big for your boots and ask for the Earth. Also don’t do too many brand deals and or Ad’s at once, you will put your followers off if all they see is #ad, #ad, #ad, #ad… Space them out evenly, so it reads more smoothly on your blog / vlog.
  • Ad’s – once upon a time you could post about a product on your blog or channel and not have to disclose that it was a paid product review or product sent for free. Now in the more modern era of blogging and vlogging you are required by law to disclose to your following whether or not it is an ad, if you have been paid or sent the product for free. Your following have a right to know about it, because potentially it could make your review more biased, but also, you’re getting something out of it, and its always best to be honest…

So there you have it my little Brushaflies, the second rule of blogging. Be truthful and honest, it makes you a more trustworthy person to follow and can give you a good name in the realm of the Influencer!!!

That’s all for today and I hope you enjoyed it. Take care and speak soon xoxo

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