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Rules of blogging… Part 1…

Hi my little Brushaflies and welcome back to another blog post 😘 I have decided to do a mini blog series on the rules of blogging. Blogging has boomed so much in the past decade and probably even before that maybe even all the way back to the early 2000’s, but I myself have noticed it more in the past 10 years because I guess that’s when I started to read more blogs. When I had my first daughter and began using my phone more as a way to socialise not just by texting and talking but with social media and you guessed it ‘blogs’, because when you have a newborn baby they completely change your life, they become your whole world! So socialising with friends and people had to change. And for me, it showed me the world of blogging and vlogging.

I have had a couple of blogs, I had an Author Blog back in around 2015. I just used to write Author-ish posts about books, how to write and my own books. I have quite a few that I decided to self publish using amazon (but that can be for another discussion another day) it did quiet well for a while but it wasn’t really me… Makeup is more me… So I made a new one, Mnpmakeupblog which I’m sad to say I deleted around Halloween 2020. This was not because it wasn’t doing well, it was. I was getting a lot of views and hits, but I had a slight ‘mare’ of a moment with people in my family who didn’t think I should be wasting my life blogging and vlogging… They thought I was wasting my time because there are so many others out there doing it and wasn’t making much money from it. But… Quitting it made me depressed and sad… So, my family stepped in and said that even though I wasn’t getting to where they wanted me to be, it was my thing, it made me happy, it was my hobby!!! So, after much thought I created this one. Brushafly Mua!!! And I am going to put my whole heart and soul into this one!

Because I have had blogs before, one ok-ish one, and one that did well, I feel I know things about it that can not only help me with this one, but could also help you with your own blog if you decide to make one.

So, I have come up with some rules of blogging… Today’s Rule is…

Rule 1…

Make sure you are easy to find and are accessible to your viewers and for potential collabs…

Everyone out there that blogs and or vlogs is gunning for the attention of an audience and followers, brands, other bloggers and to just about anyone who will read. People you need to get the attention of! To do this you need to make sure that your voice is heard loud and clear above everyone else’s. The blogging realm is saturated with other bloggers and noise but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. You so totally should! Don’t miss out on this world and opportunity because of ‘what is the point if everyone else is doing it?’ way of thinking, because, you might have a muse, a voice, a way about you that no one else has seen or heard before and it can be the thing that makes you.

The first way to make yourself easy to find and more accessible to the people that will want to find you is…

Social media…

On my phone I put all my favourite social media apps into a folder, and when I am blogging I will post my latest blog post and or my favourite images for that blog post onto them. You need to be discoverable, and social media is the modern way to do this.

  • WordPress – This is the blogging website I like to use. Set up your site, give it a catchy name, share it and connect with other bloggers on the platform. Some bloggers will allow guest write ups which can help boost your views if they like your content enough to travel to your blog. But remember to do the same back, allow other bloggers to do guest write ups and promote their content to. Might be wise to stay in the same niche e.g makeup! If you jump on say a parenting blog, although they may want makeup tips for new mums, they might not just want to read a whole blog just based on makeup. Read and research the blog you will guest appear on to make sure they can become part of your target audience.
  • Instagram – This is like the be all and end all for sharing photos of makeup products and actually any product you and your blog are based on. Make sure your pictures are eye-catching, that the theme of the pictures represents you and becomes almost like your calling card. If you have a certain feel to your photos people will recognise this and now when a photo is from your page they will know.
  • Twitter – More words than pictures but does include pictures. Its a great app to share to, and is also great for catching up with news from other bloggers, brands and what’s trending. # tags coming in handy here.
  • Facebook – This used to be my go to one with my author blog, but with my makeup blog, not so much. I think it depends on your niche as to whether Facebook can be the one for you. I think if you have a product you are selling then a Facebook page is a must!
  • YouTube – I am an avid YouTube watcher and content creator (or I will be again in the new year) but I watch videos on anything from: makeup, gaming, cooking, dogs and puppies, candles, relaxation etc you get the idea lol. On YouTube you can pretty much find anything! And because of that it is a great place to put your own blog, product and niche because there will be someone out there that will watch it!
  • Pinterest – This is such a huge sharing platform and once again you can find ideas for anything on there. You need blog ideas, type it in you’ll find it, you need makeup ideas, again type it in your find it, you need D.I.Y ideas… You get the gist! I share my blog and videos to Pinterest all the time and it helps for my blog growth and visibility.
  • Email newsletter – Something I actually need to do myself and something I have done before and that is to have an email newsletter which people can sign up for on your blog and you could do weekly or monthly newsletters keeping them up to date with all things going on with you and your blog. It will also remind them to keep going back to your blog.
  • Tiktok – Now this one depends entirely on your niche. Mine is makeup, therefore it can work for me because I can do mini makeup videos. And to be honest a lot of niches can also partake in the Tiktok phenomenon, I mean there was a dude mixing paint who had a huge following and got a new job out if it. So it just goes to show… Keep up with the social media times. Plus… Everyone is on Tiktok nowadays, it can be a great way for people to find you.

All of these things can help to make you and your blog be easy to find and more accessible. If people can find your blog and become your followers and audience, then one day, so can brands which could end up with you getting sent PR or brand deals. But it is no overnight success story, it all takes time and patience. But keep at it, and one day, you will reap your reward 😘

So my little Brushaflies, this is the first Rule of Blogging. As this is a mini series there will be more to come. So keep your eyes peeled for more of my blogging content 😁🙏

Take care my lovelies and speak soon xoxo

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