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AI virtual models, are they really the future?

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome back to another blog post. Today’s blog post is more of a discussion on a certain subject… The subject being AI (Artificial Intelligence) models and whether they are to be the future of modelling or if they are just a gimmick?!?

So, Manny Mua has recently brought out some new makeup products for his ‘Lunar Beauty’ makeup line. The advertising images for it were very eye catching, the difference from usual advertising for makeup is that he used 2 AI models, one of black colour and one of white colour. Now, this got me thinking, and actually made me think of this whole blog post. Why did he use AI models and not real models? Well, there could be a couple of reasons…

  • 1- He had to use AI models due to the Covid outbreak and not being able to source models or not wanting to risk using models
  • 2- He is doing good for himself and wanted to show this by showing off what his money can buy ‘AI models’
  • 3- He honestly thinks (like his makeup slogan on the images on Instagram) They are the future… ‘The Future is now…’

Now Manny’s campaign is not the first time AI models have been used within the fashion / beauty industry. The first AI model was used I believe in 2016, it was Louis Vuitton that used ‘Lightning’ from ‘Final Fantasy XIII’, she had a designer handbag and was moving around. Let’s just say it was kind of awesome (I am a gamer girl too) but was it the start of something not needed or was it a technical genius win? Now for the power of technology, it has to be said it is pretty cool and amazing that we can do things like this now. But with everything that’s happened in 2020, is it really necessary and is it really helping anyone.

So 2020 was the year of Covid, but it was also the year of BLM aka Black Lives Matter. I have noticed a rise in brands using people of colour in their advertising campaigns and being the face of certain products, which is amazing and personally I feel should have happened bloody years ago. So it brings me back to Manny’s advertising campaign, he has used both white and black AI women. Which is great, he’s being inclusive and hopefully that’s means his brand is too… But… For me, to be inclusive… Why not just use a real black woman and a real white woman and make them up to look futurist and robot like if that is the theme and feel you are after.

2020 has also taken away many jobs from people, people have been made redundant or had job opportunities canceled on them due to this a-hole of a virus. So to me, using AI models is taking away work from two models that probably could have used the work! I mean yeah, it does look kinda cool, but, jobs are hard enough to come by under normal circumstances, let alone in a pandemic. I would much rather see two models get paid for a job, than two AI models not get paid. (although, I guess the person who created them is getting paid and is being given work…)

I guess there are many aspects of the whole work ethic that I’m thinking about. But to me, I would rather two human models… And the job sense is not the only reason.

The other reason I would prefer to see two human models is… Because of the damn makeup! I mean your selling a brand, a makeup product, so really you need to use that product on human skin both black and white to show off what it can really do and whether or not people should buy it. To me, using AI models is kinda cheating, you could of course match up the colours you use on the AI’s eyes with the one in the eyeshadow pan, but its being drawn on computer and can be edited to look good. So is it really a true representation of the product itself? Especially when people want to know if it will work on their skin tone or not!

Now, they could have done the eye look on two models and then converted it to computer and added it to the models, but for me, that seems too much hard work, kind of irrelevant and pointless. We want to see product on real people!

Now this post was not to diss Manny at all, in fact I love Manny, I have his Morphe collab palette, I watch him and Laura Lee all the time and I love their friendship chemistry. But I would like next time for him to use real models.

So, do I think AI models are the future? Hell no!! I think it’s clever we have reached a technical age where we can do this and achieve this but, I think they are not the future of modelling, I think they will push more people out of jobs in an already hard job market, and I feel it is lying to the consumer with products because it is not a real representation of product being used on skin.

What’s your thoughts on this? Do you think AI models are the future? Or do you think they are taking away from us? Comment below and let me know.

If you want to check out Manny Mua or see his post on Instagram then the link is below. No hate please, this was just a discussion and no beef towards Manny at all. I just thought it was an interesting subject to discuss as it has spread into the world of makeup and not just fashion.

Manny mua Instagram

That’s all for today my little Brushaflies. Take care and speak soon xoxo

*I used ‘The new fashion rules’ by In the frow aka Victoria Magrath for the information on the first AI model used.

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